No, I Don’t Want To Be Anna…!

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No, I don't want to be Anna...! I cannot be Anna...! I mean Anna Hazare...! Not that I cannot fast for 12-15 days, not that I am not against the corruption and not that I am against Anna or the Team Anna [Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal,Sisodia, etc].

Yes, there are other people around like me who too are not Anna and can never be Anna nor do we ever want to be Anna, for we don't wear a Gandhian cap, can't wear a Gandhian cap and don't like to wear a Gandhian cap that has come to be synonymous with the corrupt politicians...No, we can't participate physically...But, yes, we do try to and do actually speak out against the corruption wherever possible in our day to day life..!

"Those who practice spirituality must try and remain distant from the day to day mundane politics." To my this comment on the Facebook, I received following response from Neelambigai Jnanambaa, one of my Facebook friends, "Yes but we are part of this world, so we cannot retreat. It is important to keep our have our feet planted firmly on the earth and therefore be grounded, but keeping out hearts with the divine at all times.

Have you considered that if we do not keep interest with what is going on around globally, as well as our local community then we will be unable to use the divine flow to make changes. Sometimes acting is what is needed...that is how Shakti works at times."

My reply, "As you said correctly, balance is the need...Somehow, my own experience is that the politics distracts one from the path of spirituality. So, instead of being a part of mundane politics, it would be far wiser to keep raising one's spiritual quotient so that one is able to effect changes through one's enhanced spiritual vibrations!"

Neelambigai Jnanambaa says,"Yes, but again maybe it is that politics is ones path, and changes can be made on that lower level as well. To have balance is to effect changes on all levels, not just the higher levels of spiritual consciousness. Most people do not work on those levels so can only relate to that which is front of them.

Did not Jesus walk among the ordinary folk, the prostitutes, lepers as well as the community leaders for this purpose? To have some effect on our world we must be actively involved...the Divine works through us...we are the Divine tool's! In this way we live our Divine purpose, which for some may be politics."

My reply,"True...Jesus worked amongst people, but Jesus never ever participated in politics [statecraft]...Jesus just stayed away from politics..Jesus never ever tried to become a politician, a king or emperor....Jesus never rose against any political system...Jesus just spread love to anyone who cared to listen to Jesus...!"

Sri Neelambigai Jnanambaa says,"Exactly.....He mixed with all people, politicians as well. The point I am trying to make is that one can be/ live a spiritual life and be involved in politics. There are so many corrupt politicians that those on a clear and light path is ...maybe what is needed to effect changes...don't discount the ways the divine works...and don't try to be above it all, and think that we who following a spiritual path are above what happens within our governments. You say that those who follow a spiritual path should distant themselves from mundane day to day politics...I say not...politics effect us as we not humans as well.

What sets us (who follow spirituality) apart from those who do not...Nothing in reality, we just have a different perspective. we still eat, sleep and go about our normal lives just the same as anyone. The point I was making about Jesus was that although he was divine he was also humble and understood the ways of the world. Please understand this is also something that i should take notice of..words are easily said, but it is our actions, the shakti that can have the most effect!"

My reply,"This Shakti [force] you are talking about can be tapped in the form of the spiritual vibrations which we should send out collectively to effect the change in the souls of those who are corrupt. The soul is 100% pure. It is just that the soul gets enveloped by the vice of the corruption. The corruption has to be substituted with something higher and that higher thing is the receipt of the really positive vibrations...Jesus interacted with politicians, but Jesus never became a politician!"

How can we finish off corruption? By making laws? by making shows? By writing and shouting about the corruption?...These can only give us a false sense of us being anti-corruption, a false sense of corruption getting finished...Then what is one of the best way of doing it? Well, those who are corrupt must come forward willingly, take a pledge and donate 90% of their ill-gotten wealth to either national exchequer or some non-corrupt non-governmental social welfare organization...!

The real change has to come from deep within one's own being. To remove the corruption, let us start another movement called 'Self-Purification Movement' to encourage the corrupt people to pledge/donate 90% of ill-gotten wealth to the national exchequer..! Yes, it would be nice to see the people donating whole of 100% to the national exchequer...!

Why 90% and NOT 100%? Well- answer is simple. If a plant is uprooted in entirety, the plant may become useless by dying! But, if we chop off the bad leaves/parts, leaving the rest of the body intact, the plant may survive, regenerate new healthy leaves/parts, beneficial for every one! The plant-example applies to the corrupt people also!

Even the corrupt have a right to survive, get reformed and become useful to the entire country/society! So, encourage your corrupt acquaintances/friends/relatives to pledge/donate 90% of ill-gotten wealth to national exchequer or to some organization engaged in the welfare of fellow humans or non-humans...

Jesus had said that only the one who has never committed even one sin in one's own life must throw the first stone. So, most Indians need learn the yoga of non-corruption/honesty...!

Yes, the corruption can never ever be brought to the zero-level in India. Still, the sincere efforts can be made to minimize this menace to the maximum possible extent!

"Gherao your MP. Not physically, but with lobbying emails, SMSs, postcards, chain letters, mental telepathy", the other day, Jug Suraiya, the respected TOI columnist suggested in his thought provoking article titled "Household democracy." Without going into details, let everyone be enlightened to know that the mental telepathy/vibrations only had ensured the success of the team Anna-movement [though limited only] and at the same time had ensured that the peace was maintained without any physical harm to any one including the parliamentarians...The true saints/spiritual people had played their crucial role without actually participating physically!

"Even better would be the use of bandwidth and the internet to launch a mass e-movement via mobile telephony and the electronic network to bring about the changes that need to be made. Gherao your MP. Not physically, but with lobbying emails, SMSs, postcards, chain letters" Every one shall agree fully with Jug Suraiya's this noble wish.

But, reality is that the opinion building and action  are altogether two  different aspects. ‘The Times of India' newspaper has been building up and mobilizing the public opinion in favour of a strong lokpal bill effectively since January, 2011...Still, the UPA-2 government did not pay any heed to the TOI's this noble work...It took the physical action like physical gherao of the houses of the members of the parliament that in great part made these parliamentarians accede to the 3 demands of the team Anna.....!

The crowd of nearly 1.2 lakh that had gathered at the Ram Lila Maidan was numerically [proportionally] and electorally a very small number in a country of 1.2 Billion like India. But, this crowd was dangerously big enough [in absolute numbers] to over-run the Indian Parliament building and the Houses of the Members of the Parliament including the Indian Prime Minister's House if it had not been kept under control.

The crowd at the Ram Lila Maidan had not gathered there for enjoying some picnic party. It was there fully agitated to try to get what it wanted to get! Although no one shall acknowledge it openly yet this aforesaid danger mainly seems to have made the Indian Parliament yield to the Team Anna's 3 demands!

On the 3rd of September, 2011, the Indian TV Channels showed Anna Hazare saying something like this, "...Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev did not need personal bodyguards, Why should i need one, too!" while reacting to the Maharashtra government's offer to provide Anna with 'Z' level security.

No doubt, Anna talks of Gandhian ideals. But, even at the Ram Lila Maidan, it was Anna's plain-speak, blunt rhetoric and a call to the youth to follow the example of freedom fighters like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, that actually had pulled the majority of  the youngsters and people out of their houses on to the Ram Lila Grounds! The honest replay of the TV footage shall confirm it.

So, why is the Indian mass media going full-throat creating/manufacturing the false impression that only the Gandhian ideals/approach made the Anna-fast movement a success? Why is this hypocrisy? Isn't this hypocrisy a kind of corruption, too affecting badly most of us Indians, today? Let us admit honestly - Gandhian ideals alone shall not get result unless backed up by the demonstrated power of the public...No, I don't advocate use of the violence...!

Anna or no Anna, the explosive current public mood against the prevalent rampant corruption in India, was bound to explode sooner or later...! The political class must ever remain thankful to the Team Anna, Anna and the Indian Mass Media, especially the TV Channels, who took the lead in providing the safety valve to this pent-up frustration which could have uprooted the current Indian political establishment if it had not been channelized positively in terms of the Anna-Fast-Public-Mass Media movement!

"To be a Gandhi or an Anna, you have to imbibe the principles they espouse, not just wear a topi and carry the national flag!" writes Vinita Dawra Nangia, the TOI columnist in her article "I am not Anna" echoing correctly the sentiments that have been expressed earlier by fellow Indians who are interested genuinely in seeing the menace of the corruption rooted out forever...!

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