Will Presidential Candidate Bob Barr be the X-Factor in the 2008 U.S. Elections?

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According to Zogby International's Electoral College Map, former Georgia Congressman, and current Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr is predicted to be the X-Factor in the upcoming 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections. Who would Bob Barr help in the Presidential Elections by being the X-Factor?

Libertarian Bob Barr is making Senator John McCain work harder in the elections. How harder? In states that are normally a comfort for Senator John McCain, Bob Barr is challenging the status quo. Not necessarily against the Democrats, although they too have to watch the Barr Effect, but the Red State Republicans. Bob Barr is the star of the Libertarian Party. He is the man that could signify the value of the Libertarian Party in the National Elections, and put the Libertarian Party in the Political Map.

Just a few months ago, Bob Barr was teaching at Kennesaw State University as an adjunct Professor on Privacy Rights.  Now, he is the Libertarian Candidate for the 2008 United States Presidential Elections.  He is the Presidential Candidate that could shape the U.S. Presidential Elections, loose and still have a major impact in the 2008 elections.  How much of an impact?  He could win over conservatives who are unhappy with John McCain. 

Conservatives have the option of voting for Bob Barr to reflect their unhappiness with the Republican Party and the state of elections.  They will have their voices heard. If those conservatives do vote for Bob Barr, they will be sending a message to the Republican Party. This will be a wake-up call to the Republican Congressional Leaders in key states, and may make them question their unconditional support to President Bush. Bob Barr is doing what the Libertarian Party wants him to do: Bring Attention to a New Third Party which is here to remain in political influence. The Libertarian Party knows that it will not win the election. What's second to winning an election? Getting attention and affecting the outcome. That is something that the Libertarian Party can do.

Bob Barr may not only help Senator Barack Obama get Ohio, but he may help Senator Obama in getting South Carolina, a Red State. He will also help Senator Obama compete in states like Georgia and a few other states. Even though Senator John McCain leads in states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, and even his home state of Arizona, the lead is only narrow according to Zogby. We have to remember that some of these states had their poll data released on July 8th, and more people are aware of Bob Barr now than then they were less than a month ago. Bob Barr has appeared on CNN, Colbert Report, and other media outlets since then.

Bob Barr may have been known for his leadership in the impeachment of President Clinton, but that may be history when it comes to November 4th 2008. He may be known as the third party candidate that influenced the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections. Some may call him spoiler, but others may call him the savior. The Zogby Poll tells us that Bob Barr is here to stay and make his word known, even at the potential expense of his former party, loosing the election.

Do not under-estimate the Power of Bob Barr.  He may just raise the Barr for future Independent Candidates and may influence the Libertarians to make a future run in the Congress.  The good news for the Conservatives in this election is that they do not have to vote for Senator John McCain, they can choose Bob Barr in the elections.  Ron Paul may have been very popular during the Primary Season, but Bob Barr may be popular during the national election season. 

The Similarities between Ron Paul and Bob Barr

  • Both have Three Letters first name, Four Letters last name.
  • Both are headquartered in a Red-State, in the South.
  • Both are unhappy with the Republican Party
  • Both do not want any government interference in the lives of Americans
  • Both have served in the U.S. Congress in the House of Representatives
  • Both have had some time of an association with the Libertarian Party.

The Ron Paul Bandwagon can pull behind Bob Barr and still influence the 2008 Presidential Elections.  To be successful in the Game of Politics, one does not have to win but they must have the power to influence the winning decision.  For the Ron Paul Supporters, they can still influence the election without having to compromise on two candidates.  Bob Barr will make their voices heard and have an impact in the 2008 Elections.  Simply said, Bob Barr is the Ron Paul Candidate on November 4th 2008. 



Munzir Naqvi is a freelance writer.  He graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science.  He is pursuing a Masters in Liberal Arts at Harvard University.

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