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An opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation of something.

Lahore – May, Madam Hillary Visit Frequently
Local Government Dept Awaits MPA’s Schemes
Are there similarities between cults and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda
This is what happens when you lack the sense to say enough is enough
In our daily life we even do not notice us as parts of the different social systems, perhaps the most complex human creations ever. However, these systems very much determine of what we say or do or even think. This knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles could be a source of enormous power. Therefore, in this article we make the first introduction to the world of social systems.
Cap & Trade will be a crushing blow to America as we know it. This will have a negative impact on jobs. This is not conjecture; it is fact.
Politics, incompetence, child abuse, corruption.
The Ministry of Justice is planning to impose limits on public and media access to family courts, a decision I applaud.
Did you know General Electric (GE) posted record revenues last quarter? That has not really helped their stock, has it?
Have you seen the ads that Charles Schwab has been running on TV? You probably have seen them. They sound like real people, but they're actually cartoon/colorized images.