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Beirut- The Lebanese expatriates are always the victims no matter where. The discovery of the alleged Hezbollah terrorist cell in Egypt has had an adverse effect on the Lebanese expatriate community in the UAE. Several hundred Lebanese were expelled from the United Arab Emirates because


8:02 MP Anwar al-Khalil told VOL: Big progress has been made in the process that precedes government formation. The issue of names and portfolios should not take a long time.

8:00 MP Ali Fayyad told VOL: Discussions tackled the idea of giving the telecoms ministry to Adnan Assayed Hussein, a candidate proposed by the President. But no agreement has been reached.

6:00 Speaker Nabih Berri said last night : “The issue of the deportees from the United Arab Emirates is my top priority and I'm trying to find a solution that befits the relationship between the two brotherly countries like UAE, Lebanon “

they reportedly refused to spy on the Shiite militant group.

Hassan Alayan , a spokesman for the group that was expelled from UAE said during a press conference in Beirut yesterday that more than 300 Lebanese — mostly Shiites — have been forced to leave the Emirates over the past three months. He said most of those deported said UAE authorities asked them to inform on fellow Lebanese Shiites living in the country and on Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

"Dozens among us were summoned by the security services in the UAE before being expelled and were asked to spy on fellow Lebanese in the Emirates as well as Hezbollah members or face deportation," Alayan said

One of those deported, Zuhair Hamdan, said his residency permit was rejected after he refused to give authorities information about fellow Lebanese or possible Hezbollah sleeper cells in the UAE.

"I told them I have been living in the UAE for 33 years. How can I have information about Hezbollah," said Hamdan, who lived in the Emirates since he was 2 years old and worked as a traffic policeman.

Alayan alleged UAE authorities have also deported Palestinians who refused to spy on the Islamist militant Hamas group, which rules the Gaza Strip. He said the Palestinians recounted similar pressures by authorities to inform on Hamas.

Alayan said the group plans to take legal action and will ask for compensation.
"This is inhuman, illegal, uncivilized and is counter to UN rules," said Ali Faour, a physician deported from Sharjah, one of the seven city states that make up the UAE, which is mainly Sunni Muslim.

"I was summoned at the end of July and told I had two weeks to leave town," added Faour, who reportedly earned between 40,000 and 50,000 dollars a month in Sharjah.
"Most of those expelled were top businessmen and have major investments in the Emirates." Alayan said

Rania, 19, said she still could not get over her sudden change of life.

"I was born and raised in the Emirates and all my friends are from there," she said, refusing to give her last name. "We were given 20 days to leave Abu Dhabi."

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman sent a military delegation five weeks ago to the UAE to try resolve the matter without success. The UAE authorities told the Lebanese they were being deported for security reasons, but, Alayan believes “their refusal to spy was the real reason

A statement by a committee set up to represent the deportees claimed that the decision by the Emirates could be the result of U.S. pressure to try to choke off routes of funding for Hezbollah. which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization.

Mohammed Fneish , a Hezbollah member of parliament and a minister in the caretaker cabinet called on the Lebanese government to quickly address the issue, which he said “ is financially hurting the families involved.”

"These people broke no laws and there is no excuse for what they have suffered," Fneish said. "It is a violation of their rights and freedom."

Leading Lebanese Shiite cleric Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah called on UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan to resolve the matter.

"We call on you to save hundreds of Lebanese families who have contributed to the development of your country," he said in a statement. "We refuse to believe that the expulsions were motivated by politics, religion, security concern or any outside pressure.

Speaker Nabih Berri , a key ally of Hezbollah and head of the Amal movement said last night : “The issue of the deportees from the United Arab Emirates is my top priority and I'm trying to find a solution that befits the relationship between the two brotherly countries like UAE, Lebanon “

It is real shameful that the Lebanese expatriate community , which is the backbone of the Lebanese economy and which has helped in the development of many countries in the world including the UAE has to pay the price every time politics is involved. It is about time that the Human Rights organization should start paying more attention to the rights of the expatriates


5:00pm PM-designate Hariri meets with President Suleiman to present him with the Parliamentary consultations results.

3:10pm Baabda sources told LBC: President Suleiman might join Saudi King Abdullah and President Bashar Assad during their meeting in Damascus.

3:04pm "LBC" sources of "change and reform": In the third round of consultations Hariri and Aoun will meet privately without the participation of the FFM Mps

2:50 pm IMF raised next year's growth estimate for the ME region to 4.2 percent from a July forecast of 3.7 percent. It maintained this year's projection at 2 percent.

2:42pm judge Sawan questioned Ali Nayef the prisoner that escaped from Roumieh prison and arrested Essam Daher for helping Nayef escape

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