Wednesday News Briefs & Editorial

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Beirut- Now that we have a cabinet in Lebanon the next issue is the ministerial statement . Again, as in the case of the cabinet formation the delay factor in coining the statement will be Hezbollah arms. The committee that will be responsible for the preparation of the ministerial statement

was formed yesterday and includes the following 12 ministers :

Boutros Harb, Tarek Mitri, Mohammad Fneish , Jean Ogassapian, Wael Abu Faour, Ziad Baroud, Ali Hussein el Shami, Charbel Nahhas , Gebran Bassil , Rayya al-Haffar al-Hassan, Salim Al-Sayegh and Youssef Saadeh will convene tomorrow its first meeting at the Grand Serail

Saad Hariri who was officially welcomed into the Grand Serail for the first time as the prime minister on Wednesday will presided over the meeting of the 12-member ministerial committee later today

According to media reports , in order to speed up the coining of the ministerial statement , the same paragraph that dealt with Hezbollah arms in the last ministerial statement will be used again.

According to the constitution the cabinet has one month to announce its Ministerial statement.

According to PSP leader MP Walid Jumblat , the ministerial statement should center around three major topics: “Respect for international resolutions, the right for resistance until liberation of occupied land and the armistice agreement with Israel.”

Once the government is ready to announce its ministerial statement , a parliamentary session will be held for the vote of confidence, which is guaranteed in this case since all the parties are represented

Once Hariri secures the vote of confidence the next item on the agenda will be when to go to Syria and the big question right now in Lebanon is : Who will go first , Jumblatt or Hariri ?

Based on morning reports Jumblatt can’t wait to go to Syria . He told the pro-Syrian al-Akhbar newspaper that he has decided to go to Damascus , but will let Hariri go first.

"Maybe Hariri's visit would help prepare for my visit," Jumblatt said

Jumblatt also told the paper that he is still part of the parliamentary majority but "distinguishes" himself from the March 14 forces.

He stressed that the real problem in Lebanon is not between the March 8 and 14 forces. "The problem is among Muslims - Sunnis and Shiites ? it is not between Muslims and Christians." He said

One thing that will certainly shock his supporters, Jumblatt told the paper : “Given Lebanon's geographic location, Syria's influence in Lebanon is permissible “


2:15pm VOL: One person was killed and another injured in Antelias after a gunman opened fire on them from a vehicle that was stolen the day before.

1:15pm Harb after meeting Gemayel: I came to discuss with Gemayel the issue of the cabinet. I stress on the necessity of having the Phalange in the cabinet.

1:05pm Judge Fadi Sawan demanded the death penalty for 4 people for collaborating with Israel.

12:15pm Phalange leader Amin Gemayel is meeting with Minister Boutros Harb at the Phalange headquarters in Saifi.

11:59 PM Saad Hariri arrived at the Grand Serail.

11:30 Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar told LBC: Minister Boutros Harb is close to stances supported by the LF.

11:23 Three Lebanese Hawker Hunter warplanes will carry out drills over Beirut and its suburbs on Wednesday in preparation for the celebrations scheduled to take place on Independence Day on November 22.
11:17 Minister Akram Shehayeb told Free Lebanon: My objective is to close the file of the displaced following their return to their hometowns.

11:15 Preparations are underway for PM Saad Hariri’s first official entry to the Grand Serail.

10:00 US Congressional delegation headed by David Price met representatives of parliamentary blocs at Nejmeh Square to discuss the latest political developments in Lebanon. Neither Amal Movement nor Hezbollah representatives were present.

08:45 MP Oqab Sakr says Gemayel will not withdraw from March 14

8:22 Minister Mohammed Rahal told VOL: The atmosphere is positive and all sides have the intention to work for the nation.

8:20 Minister Mona Ofeish: I hope I would be able to turn the projects linked to women that I have worked on into laws.

02:00 am A massive power failure threw Brazil's two largest cities into darkness Tuesday night along with other parts of Latin America's largest nation, affecting millions of people.


12:00 pm John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind of the 2002 deadly sniper rampage that terrorized the US capital, awaited execution here Tuesday evening.

9:11 pm PSP's Rami Rayyes told ANB: The Phalange party has to understand that it is not the only one that has reservations about the cabinet lineup

6:20 pm The White House issued a statement on Tuesday saying that no lasting solution in the region can be reached at the expense of Lebanon, which it described as playing a “key role” in achieving comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

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