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Developed along the Chesapeake Bay area, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever was bred to handle hunting endeavors in adverse water and inclement weather conditions. They are capable of breaking ice and handling the most strenuous retrievals imaginable.
Considered to be one of the most powerful canine breeds, the Bullmastiff was the result of cross breeding English Mastiffs with Old English Bulldogs, and was originally bred to thwart the efforts of various poachers and immobilize them.
Oftentimes considered the most intelligent of all breeds of dogs, the Border Collie originate in the English and Scottish border country, and is an excellent sheep herding dog.
Though the exact time of their appearance has not been pinpointed, Bassett Hounds are believe to have originated during the 1600s when they were depicted in a 1561 hunting illustration in France.
Using a dog kennel can cut down on the time your pet dog or dogs stay leashed with the knowledge that they are away from harm and safe. The best advantage is that your pet dog is free to run around and exercise with enough room to satiate its energies and look around.
The wolf is a direct ancestor of the domestic dog and they share many behavioral similarities. If a dog wants to bite someone or another animal he will behave in a similar manner to the wolf, focusing his attention on the prospective victim and bearing his teeth.
To refer to the Labrador Retriever as an extraordinary breed would be nothing short of an understatement. Characteristically, being in tune with their masters is a requirement of their personalities so it is important that the owner understand what the animal was bred to do - namely hunt and retrieve.
Your new dog may be a puppy or you may have chosen to adopt your pet from an Animal Welfare organization but in either case, the first few days in your dogs new home will be an adventure of exploration.
A young dog starts off perfectly, when you are training him to come. He gets to know his name, and he also understands that, humans use his name when they want to give him something nice, like a toy or food, so he starts running towards you.
When a command is given to your dog, you are continuously taking up a dominating role and the dog by default becomes submissive. A canine posture which is considered dominant is the standing position.