Maintaining good oral health for dogs

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There is some difficulty in keeping your dogs teeth clean. As a result dog dental problems are surprisingly common. Actually your furry friend requires dental care equal to what we humans require. Failure to see the importance of proper oral health for dogs could lead to some serious dog ailments further down the line.

Oral health for dogs - problem statement!

The onset of these dog ailments regarding oral health problems begins with the gradual build up of sticky plaque. This sticky plaque is a combination of proteins, saliva, bacteria and food particles. If left unchecked, this sticky plaque will form a hardened yellow tartar. This tartar then gets deposited around the gum line. It is this tartar which is laden with bacteria that results in the onset of gingivitis. Gingivitis is one of the more painful dog ailments which causes inflamed gums and the beginnings of periodontal disease.

One cannot ignore this chain of events as things just get progressively worse from here. If left untreated the bacteria and toxins will attack the teeth, bone, gum and connective tissue in the dog's mouth. Serious infection and loss of teeth will be the outcome. Even worse, these bacteria can be spread to the lungs, liver, kidney and heart, which are vital organs, via the bloodstream.

It's obvious that oral health for dogs is crucial for your furry friends well being and longevity. You will also avert huge dental bills further down the line if good preventative measures are taken early on. A little known statistic is that 80% of dogs show signs of these oral health dog ailments before 2 years of age.

Oral health for dogs - indications!

Here's what to look out for.....


  • Breath odor is bad
  • Teeth are loose or missing
  • Pawing or rubbing in the mouth area
  • Excessive dribbling
  • The gums are bleeding
  • Yellow or brown stains on the teeth
  • Difficulties when eating his food
  • Painful mouth


Oral health for dogs -remedial actions!

Just as is the case with humans, your furry friend's teeth must be regularly brushed. As always a healthy and controlled diet is essential. It will pay in the long run to have your furry friends teeth checked once a year by a certified vet. With today's technology, brushing your pooch's teeth is not as difficult as it seems. There are special brushes that will fit on your finger. There is also special toothpaste, your furry friend does not enjoy high foaming and mint tasting toothpaste and may become distressed.

There are also special foods that provide a scrubbing action whilst your dog eats. This gets those dog teeth brushed every day at mealtime. So with quite a little effort, one can avoid severe dog oral health problems. Prevent any more serious dog ailments from developing by visiting us here.


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