PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper Beds - Review

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Did you know that the common body temperature of a hound is 100 to 103 degrees F?This is very vital to keep in mind over the winter months.

Not all kinds are made for colder climes.

The mature dogs get cold easier.

The PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper Bed is the reasonable solution for a orthopedic, comfortable pet sleeper.

The sleeper is constructed of foam material, wire wrapped chew resistant cord and a washable bed cover.

The sleeper comes with a low voltage power adapter.

The bed only uses 9 watts of electricity.

A storage pocket can house the adapter and power cord.

Besides being chew resistant, the cord is nice and long.

The cord comes wrapped in a metal coil to prevent your four legged friend chewing on it.

After sleeping on the floor, your pet will really appreciate the PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper Bed.

The warmth soothes sore muscles and eases joint pain.

The bed is made of eggshell foam that offers a softness to give your pet a comfortable place to sleep all year long.

The bed provides a mild, gentle heat.

The effects of the heat are not readily noticeable when you first turn it on.

The PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper Bed has a non-adjustable vibrating feature built-in.

The bed comes in different sizes.

If your four legged friend is over 70 pounds, I would suggest the largest size.

The Petsafe Heated Wellness Sleeper Bed is an affordable and dependable solution for the arthritic pet.

Another use for the sleeper bed is for dogs that have recently given birth.

Any allergies that your dog has will be a factor in selecting the right bed.

Some cons are that you can feel the heating unit in the middle of the bed.

The heat will not radiate through the entire bed/cushion when you put a blanket over it.

Sometimes the heater plug will pull out.

Customer feedback:

"It's not often I find a product I like as much as this bed. If I could give it six stars, I would."

"She used to want to sleep on the couch at night. I'm guessing this was because it is higher off the ground. But I haven't found her on the couch once since I gave her this bed. Every night I find her on the bed, whether I've turned the heat on or not."

"It is large enough to fit both of our dogs (Shih Tzus) comfortably."

"We bought this bed over a year ago and it is still going strong.Good for indoors, doesn't get too hot."

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