Petsafe Wireless Fence review

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Is there a way for us to bring Fido with us on break? I wish there was a way to bring the dog. Hold that sentiment. The PetSafe Premium Wireless Fence system means the entire clan including the dog can holiday together.

The Reasons You Should Purchase This System

PetSafe's Model PIF-300 delivers the goods. The system is a radical vision that provides the safest, simplest variety of pet containment.

Leave the shovel in the garage. Just plug the transmitter into a electrical outlet. The transmitter maintains a signal with the pet's collar to keep him within the boundary. Its a simple operation that is accomplished in about 2 hours.

Install the transmitter within the dwelling 2 to 4 feet above finished grade. The position of utility boxes and large appliances can effect the transmitter's signal.

Now when it comes trip time, you have the option to take the method with you. By adding extra receiver collars, you can add more pets to the system. The small size of the transmitter (8-1/2 x 9 x 9 inches) will enable you to place it almost anywhere inside. The collars can be adjusted to fit comfortably on your pet.

Fido's domain will be about 180 feet in diameter or a 1/2 acre circular zone. The spherical signal field produces a zone of control that is circular.

Besides five levels of correction level, there is a tone-only mode that serves as a reminder when the limits are near. You have the ability to set the correction level. The receiver is waterproof with low battery indicator. The lithium ion battery is included.

Consideration should be given in using this method on small dogs.(under 8 pounds). Six months or mature is a good starting point for the system.

A nice feature of the scheme is it will give the pet a signal when it approaches the control limits. Unlike other manufacturers, PetSafe's collar receiver wikll not continually shock the pet when they cross the boundary limit. PetSafe's receiver collar is designed to issue three warning beeps if the dog gets close to the area limit.

The pet will become conditioned to know the area he is limited to.

It is a very minor correction, not designed to harm your pet.

When the caravan sets off, Fido is coming too. With the PetSafe method you can designate a specific area for your pet to roam in.

Everything you need to setup the method and train your pet is included.

The method is designed not to correct during a power outage. When the receiver loses the signal from the transmitter, the scheme will correct.

The receiver must always have a secure signal.


One disadvantage is if your house sits higher or lower than your yard. This can be overcome by building in this allowance when placing the transmitter.

There is no "dependable gate area" where you can exit the circular pet area. The solution is bring off the receiver collar when you want to consider your pet on a leash.

The receiver collars come in only one color, red.

The system does not prevent other animals entering your property.


"We purchased this item on Saturday. Hooked it up on Sunday and by Monday afternoon, our 5 month rat terrier/ bichon was staying in the yard"

"Great alternative to expensive in ground systems and easier to install"

"No worries about ruining any wires when we aerate the lawn or do our landscaping.. "

"A few zaps or "corrections are better than getting hit by a car or shot at by hunters in the woods"

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