Six Foods-Never Meant For Your Dog!!

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There are many differences that exist between the human body and a dog. If you ignore these differences and provide the same diet to your dog, then definitely the results will be negative.

Humans and Dogs don't have the same type of digestive system. Human digestion starts in the mouth; whereas in case of a dog, it starts in the stomach. There is also a big difference in the metabolism structure.

Due to this difference; some foods which are preferred by human, if consumed by dog may harm its health, or may lead to death. Some of these foods are,

1. Chocolates.
The caffeine and many other ingredients of chocolate are toxic to dogs, so is the case of tea and coffee. It affects the heart and the nervous system. Though you love chocolates, keep it away from your dog.

2. Bones.
On chewing real animal bones, the splinters enter the digestive tract and thereafter harm the system. Never let the dog chew it.

3. Grapes.
Grapes are tempting for humans only, but not for dogs. It contains a toxin which can damage the canine kidney of a dog or cause them to fail. Same is the case for Raisins.

4. Pork.
Though the dog is a carnivore; yet, not all type of meat is suitable for its health. Pork is a clear example of it. If you feed pork regularly to your dog, then it may cause diarrhea.

5. Milk.
To digest milk, an enzyme called lactose is required. Dogs don't possess this enzyme in a sufficient amount. That's why consuming milk or milk based product will harm its health.

6. Onion and Garlic.
Dog's red blood cells are affected by the ingredients of onion and garlic. Excess consumption of these two will make the dog anemic.

Neglecting the food of your dog will simply shorten its life.

Gift your dog a healthy life!!

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