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Vendor advocacy (also known as seller advocacy) is relatively new to real estate in Australia, as is buyer advocacy. Vendor advocacy is growing at rapid rate in Australia because home sellers are not being told the truth by the very real estate agents who are supposed to be representing them. The agents have a tendency to quote high estimated selling prices and once a vendor is committed to them, they apply extreme pressure on them to accept offers significantly lower
A Real Estate Broker in Melbourne is usually the owner and manager of a real estate company. Real estate agents and sales associates work for the broker. The broker must have more education than the realtors do.
Global Escape Realty specializes in bringing the buyers and the sellers on a common platform to ease the process for buyers/renters to find exactly the place are looking for.
The future of real estate in Metro City Ahmedabad is very bright and property prices here are already started to move upward quickly.
In the lead this will also help boost up the Ahmedabad Real Estate industry as all these developments will add on to the profile of the city.
What type of property you have is not really important, the Ahmedabad real estate market offers a long list of choices for all types of buyers.
Dubai property market has been through the ups and downs in the recent times but it is much better condition now as Dubai commercial property and the residential properties like villa in Dubai and the apartments for rent.
Commercial comparable sales data is essential for making well-reasoned decisions regarding buying, selling, financing or appraising commercial real estate. offers San Antonio real estate professionals the timely and accurate commercial comparable sales data they need to work effectively and efficiently.
Market rent analysis evaluate the subject property, competing properties, and market conditions to document an equitable level of rent in an arm’s length transaction. Estimates of market rent are developed regularly for market studies, appraisals, lease disputes, and to provide an owner or prospective investor with objective opinions.
Dubai is known as the Gold capital of the world. Here the life is at the speed of light. People from all over the world are touring Dubai due to certain reasons. Some are visiting Dubai just for the enjoyment and willing to spend their vacation in Dubai. On the other hand a great number of people from the Middle East and Asia are visiting Dubai for business.