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Green Real Estate made generally non-toxic building materials, energy efficient, solar homes, recycled content materials, resource efficient, material from renewable resources and sensitive to its neighbors and context.

Chris Middleton from Leeds has brought a revolution in the real estate and property markets with his new ideas and innovations. Chris Middleton Leeds has formed a new company with name of Brix Property Partners comprising of a team of highly talented and skillful individuals to provide premium services to his clients.
No two properties are exactly alike, and the same applies to the budgets of the owner or manager. ‘Going green’ takes planning, and there are experts to help you devise and execute this plan in a logical and meaningful order. But first, they’ve got to run some test.
When taking on a green building, water retrofit, renewable energy or energy efficiency project, it's important to hold your architect accountable for doing their research and due diligence selecting companies and materials to be used on your property.
As fears continue to grow over the environment, global warming, and energy prices, many people are opting to update their home by "going green". And, if your in the real estate business, "greening" a home is a crucial selling point to potential buyers.