How To Invest On Long Term Development Plan

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Huge Return on long term Real Estate Investment. Unlike in the inner City Developments where in prices of Real Estate starts selling at a high price even if the project is on a Pre develop state. The Investments in Raw Land is entirely a different story. These type of Invests takes a minimum of 20 yrs. to 30 years projection to position your money for future developments.

It sounds impossible for someone to put in money for investment then waiting for 20 to 30 years for his profit or his Return on Investment. The reason why there are only few BILLIONAIRES compared to the Average and the lower Income Group is because the Billionaires can easily see opportuinities where the average and the lower income group can't see. In the case of long term Investment, These Giant Developers can easily see the opportunities 20 to 30 years ahead of time, Where as the average income and the lower income is blind on this type of opportunity. Billionaires can see what we don not see in terms of opportunity.

Prices of rawland for example in the Philippines would range from PhP50.00/sqm to PHP100.00/sqm. Compared to Subdivision lots inside the City Development would Cost from PHP6,000.00/sqm to PHP12,000.00/sqm. On Condominium projects in an inner City development ranges From PHP75,000.00/sqm. to PHP200,000.00/sqm. depends on the location. From these information, Billionaires can already see the Big opportunity ahead. With a little research on the Government future plans of developments, These Giant Developers will position there money on these long term Investments.

What are those factors to be considered in looking at future developments? If your Government has these future development plans like: Trasportation Plan like for Train going to Provinces, Terminals for land Transportation, Plans for International Port Development and Piers. Plans for Airport Development local or International. Plans for Road Highway development for the Provinces etc. In our country, Philippines, If you have Politician friends you can easily get those informations. If you have extra money, I would advice better invest on this type of Investment.

There are also Mid term investments that would fit to the average income group. Thesse type of investments are projects that are develop a little bit close to the City. These are projects that fits to those who can not afford to buy on the inner City development. There is a good Investment opportunity here. There are also projects that fits to investors and buyers for second homes.

In the Philippines, we have projet like Splendido in Tagaytay. This project fits to those who are looking for second home or a vacation home. There is available house and lots, lots or even condominium units at Spledido towers. Theis project is overlooking Taal Voalcano and Taal lake. The other example for this type of project is our Sun Valley Estate located in Antipolo, Rizal. Sun Valley Golf Club is a World Class residential golf course community outside the City.

I hope you get the full idea on the type of Real Estate Development. You have the choice now on how to position your money on Real Estate Investmens.

Thanks for your time.


Peter E. Cadorna

Thanks for your time!

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