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What is the main reason for the breakdown in marriages? Lack of communication. Learning to communicate properly is the key to saving any troubled marriage.
Although honesty is generally taught as the best policy, I would propose that it is the only policy to follow in 99% of cases. The other 1% could be called "white lies." How are you to know the difference, that is, when someone is telling the whole truth as opposed to a white lie? Here are some tips that will help you spot a liar.
Your intention is to motivate a child or employee to do better. You are clear in your mind what you want to achieve and the behavior that you want changed. You expect to be listened to and obeyed! You are right and they are wrong. Someday, they will be grateful that you cared enough to show them what they were doing incorrectly. The only "right way" is "my way."
Can your love interest's body language help you read their mind and predict their next move?
When communicating with others, words are important. They relay the literal meaning of what you're trying to communicate. But words aren't everything. Body language is the key to understanding the true meaning behind what somebody is saying.
The long distance relationship not only caused by working or studies far from home but its like a virus that attacking singles around the globe.
Love between partners get stronger in time of grief with maximum emotions and without sex. The counseling by the life partner not only decrease the anxiety also give strength to face the reality.
Families and individuals often struggle to find words which describe what they are feeling. Many find themselves referring back to mad, sad and happy, especially if the parents were never allowed to express feelings in their childhood homes. One of the cornerstones of successful families is mutual respect. Mutual respect is formed when there is honest communication and understanding between members in a relationship. There are varying degrees of all emotions.