Making Friends - Be the Kind of Friend You Would Like to Have

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Is friendship important? Do you feel or think that others don't want to be your friend? Do you label yourself as "shy" or a "loner"? If you could look in a catalog to find the kind of friend you would like, what would you look for? How many of those characteristics do you share with others?

May I challenge you to spend the next 30 days picking one of these affirmations each morning and repeat it over and over until it becomes automatic action? Write it out on a 3 by 5 card and slip it in your pocket. Take it out many times and read it over and over.

If you do, I guarantee you in a month, you will have new friends who are nurturing and kind.

• Today, I will smile at someone new.

• Today, I will help someone who doesn't ask for help.

• Today, I will assume responsibility for my own choices. I won't blame any one else.

• Today, I will look someone in the eye when I talk to them.

• Today, I will not say anything unkind.

• Today, I will give someone a compliment.

• Today, I will apologize when I make a wrong choice in my words, actions and assumptions.

Today, I will stand up for somebody if other people bad mouth or gossip about them.

• Today I will tell the truth all day.

• Today, I will not exaggerate or brag about myself.

• Today I will laugh at someone's joke.

• Today, I will listen carefully to someone else's story and not interrupt.

• Today, I will be careful about people's boundaries and stop myself before I go too far.

• Today I will ask politely for what I want and need.

• Today, I will not be afraid to tell someone I like them.

• Today, I will not feel left out.

• Today, I will recognize that when someone is cranky, it isn't always about me. They may just be having a bad day.

• Today, I will tell someone I am sorry and ask them to forgive me.

• Today, I will find someone new to have lunch with.

• Today, I will do something kind for someone else.

• Today, I will speak to someone who kind of scares or intimidates me.

• Today, I will send a birthday card or just a "thinking of you" card to someone.

• Today, I will remember that most people want to like me, they just don't know me yet.

• Today, I will be brave and ask if I can join in the fun.

• Today, if someone says something unkind to me, I will smile and say, "Why would you want to hurt my feelings?"

• Today, I will smile and say hello to 25 people.

• Today, I will remember that I have be open to friends from all kinds of places.

• Today, I will ask someone to teach me something I don't know much about.

• Today, I will agree to do what my friends want to do, even if I would rather do something else.

• Today, I will let someone else go in front of me in line.

• Today, I will share my snack or lunch with someone else.

• Today I will tell 5 people thank you.

• Today, I will call someone and not just wait for them to call me.

• Today, I will not keep score on who called or paid or chose first last time. I will know that it doesn't really matter. What matters is being together and having fun.

• Today, I will offer to loan somebody something of mine that I think they would enjoy.

• Today, I will think of a group of organization I would like to join.

• Today, I will do more than I am asked to do. And I will do it with a smile.

• Today, I will ask someone to join us.

Will you do this for yourself and those who would like to be your friend but are afraid of rejection? Come on, I dare you. Just try it, you will be glad you did.

Judy H. Wright is a parent educator, family coach, and personal historian who has written more than 20 books, hundreds of articles and speaks internationally on family issues, including end of life. You are invited to visit our blog at for answers and suggestions which will enhance your relationships. You will also find a full listing of free tele-classes and radio shows held each Thursday just for you at

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