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The Customer Advantage is built on the hottest trend on the Internet known as the "Daily Deal". By offering a 50% or more discount on local products and services in your area. This creates a real win-win by driving new customers to local small businesses.
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Groupon and Social Living meet a new player in Social Media. One that is paying out cash.
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"Robot Video" makes creating a YouTube commercial for local businesses as much fun as a video game. It's only $10 for the local business to get on YouTube, and you get paid to play!
A large number of growing companies are realizing the potential behind promotional door hangers. They have a lot to offer in the way of advertising. The concept of their use is a very easy one to understand. They are mass printed die cut units that are created from sometimes lower cost paper solutions. These units are printed up with advertisements. They are hung onto the handle of a door knob and also feature the typical forms of contact information.
The use of promotional door hangers often seems like a prehistoric method of advertisement, yet many businesses are finding relevant responses. Often the demographic for the business is based upon the service that is being offered and the customer focus. The use of this publication is often utilized by staring businesses, restaurants, or even officials seeking office in a community election.
The ‘trick' to a persuasive article is easy. Solve a problem. Have one or more ways of giving the reader a solution to some problem(s) they have. And start with the headline, telling the reader how they will benefit from your answers.
SMS are now taking over to the traditional communication medium, and is now set to take the marketing to the next level. Whatever your product of services, SMS marketing will help you reach your target audience. So if you’re looking for climbing to the next level of marketing, try Bulk SMS service for marketing of your products or services.