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Unless you have been having an extended vacation on the International Space Station, you probably know already that video marketing is at least as important as getting out there in social media. And many want to put their 'head in the sand' over this because they think it's too hard, too expensive, too something. Here you will learn several 'how-to' methods that are of little to zero pain.

Before revealing the options, I want to set some expectations. The most important being, unless you have a budget of many hundreds of thousands of dollars, don't expect Broadcast quality video. Sure a modern video camera can produce HD video, and they are inexpensive.

And all that happens with HD video is the camera faithfully (in great detail) reveals poor lighting, sound, lack of a good tripod, etc. The reality is most of us do not have the training (or studio) to run a top-notch looking (or sounding) show. And today, it doesn't matter.

I have been in 'the game' for 50 years now (whew). I started with something less professional than a Kodak Browie camera, and single 8 MM film which used 3 lens on a turret. The zoom lens didn't exist yet. Polaroid was new (and expensive B&W). My research shows me folks from my age (and up) look for polished video. And they get it, by watching TV, not YouTube.

The habits of the 20 and 30 somethings is quite different. You know these folks. They don't have a 'land line' phone. I have put in hours watching their behavior in their native environment (not a lab). I can say for certain two things. 1)They won't watch more than about 3 minutes. And, 2)they don't care that 'user generated content' (amateur hour to the traditional TV people) isn't broadcast quality. These are 2 of the 3 most important aspects of successful video marketing (with or without pain).

OK. With that, let's get on with some How-To.

As in traditional copy writing, getting interest quickly is important. The way to do that is give some information useful to the viewer. With all the content being created, the trick is to be 'vertical'. It doesn't have to be 'exciting'. Think of how many travelers would like to see how the public transportation system works in Vancouver, B.C., since they are going to the Winter Olympics. Sure sounds 'boring', and valuable to many.

The next step is thinking about production. I'll have to do a separate article on the many options. One is something as simple as Power Point (or Impress in Open Office), with royalty-free (Creative Commons) music, you voice over with a headset, or both. No need for a camera. Just follow the tips listed above.

Of course that means sitting down and doing the work. If that is the show-stopper, TRCB has a solution. It works like this: Take your WordPress (or blog entry and put it in the TRCB video system. Take for example, my article All Wireless Security is Now Broken, posted at

It is a YouTube video. And it has seen 500 views. My 'effort' was about zero.

How it works is TRCB has "background" video with different scenes. The system simply takes your article, and marries it to background video. Your article is then sub-titled over the background. Finally, using Text To Speech (TTS), your article is converted to audio. Video produced!

The next step is equally automagic. TRCB posts your video for you, then sends notification of your new video to your social media sites, without your effort.

Again, don't expect ESPN results. And as we have seen, that level of quality is not needed in this demographic. TRCB has done many thousands of these. Some viewer comment they are not delighted with the audio. Others ask really intelligent questions on the topic being delivered.

Another area that makes this a very attractive option is costs. Yes, your time is a cost. Since your production time is about zero, we have a very low cost there. Using the automagic video system with TRCB has a production cost for video of a couple dollars a minute. Since for this user base you want to keep under 5 minutes, production cost (money wise) is less than what the film and developing costs we're for me, back in the 1960's on a per minute basis!

I invite you to take a look at the YouTube video the system created for me at

The demographics are interesting. 500 views at YouTube, yet the blog version has less than half that @

All Wireless Security is now broken

Articles you have at TRCB or Ezinearticles require nothing more than saying (over the web), Make It!

I would like to point out that the sample article was created in the early stages of this effort. I'm hip-deep involved in its creation and I can say we're getting even better. Eight months ago, I started collecting HD video for backgrounds from around the world in 720 and 1080 resolution. So as YouTube and other video sites 'grow up', TRCB will have the background footage for you.

You can see we got better (quickly) if you look at my YouTube for Stanford Engineering Everywhere for Free. The content of the background video is great. And it isn't getting the views the wireless article has.

Our own results revel video marketing is important. This is because you reach such different demographics. My article on Working With PriceLine Name Your Own Price does GREAT, on ('print'). And it sits on YouTube. Go figure. Clearly different audiences on each site.

My final tip is to make sure your article is properly formatted and spell checked. Keep your paragraphs no more than half a dozen sentences long for excellent sub-titling. Improperly spelled words will either be mis-spoken or spelled out.

After you have success with YouTube, you can take the audio portion and create podcasts on different sites. And that is a different entry.

Tcat Houser is a trainer in Information Technology as well as assisting people understand the most complex computer all, the human brain. This necessitates his being a professional Road warrior.

As A Certified Technical Trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) @ it can be difficult to figure out what Tcat is currently researching.

See my lastest work at - Convert Articles, Reviews into Videos Automagically.

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