Remember The Go Is In Ego

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One of the things said about top salespeople is that they have big egos. This is usually said when the salesperson isn't around, and everyone sitting around agrees that Jack or Mary Lou has big stones.

Mediocre salespeople love to state the obvious.

Usually they are so busy with the obvious they don't have
time to bring in their quota, and then they end up stating
the obvious somewhere else.

If you want to get to the top in any endeavor you need a good ego. In fact I would venture to say that I've never met anyone at the top of their profession that doesn't have an ego.

A few months back a friend of mine tried to trip me up on
this belief. We had the priveledge of meeting an extremely
high ranking monk from Japan. Here in America hardly anyone knows his name, but in Japan people step aside when they see him on the street.

My friend mistaken believed that a high ranking Buddhist monk would not have a large ego. Boy was he wrong! The monk was very short, and certainly did not look overpowering, or even muscular. But once he opened his mouth to speak, in Japanese,
not English, everyone paid attention. The translation of what he was saying had some problems, but most everyone in the room understood what he was saying.

One of the questions he got was, "What do you think the Buddha would think about this gathering?"

He answered, "It's really too late to ask."

It took a few seconds for most in the room to get that.

Then it took another few minutes for the audience to stop asking about what Buddha would do, or think, and ask him what he thought.

Many of his answers started like this, "What I think is really not all that important, I am just a monk."

He isn't just a monk. He's the top dog, and he asked for the job, which required a super human effort to pass the test. Many in the audience could not fathom how a human being could withstand so much physical pain and effort, and come out alive.

At one point he tried to kill himself because he thought he would fail. He jumped of a mountain. When he woke up the following morning he knew he would finish because he was not dead.

Don't worry about folks with an oversized ego. E-go. It's the go that's important.

Jim Whelan is The chairman of Board and owner of The James R Whelan Agency - The Most Powerful Name in Advertising. Please sign up for his daily free newsletter at

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