A Sales Star Is On The Loose

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A couple of years ago a salesman stood in my office and gave an excellent short presentation. Then a very strange thing happened. When it became time to close me, he got very nervous, and his whole demeanor changed. His hands started to shake, and his speech became halting.

I knew what was happening, and so I had him sitdown and relax.

This salesman, like many salesman, had a huge fear of asking someone for money. We salesmen have all kinds of phobia's, enough to keep a shrink on duty twenty four hours a day. Some of our phobia's are harmless, like wearing the same tie when you're on a roll, or wearing the same sox until you strike out, things like that.

But this salesman's fears were strangling him. One thing you have to be able to do in sales is ask for the money. If you don't get the money you can't complete the sale.

I offered to help this salesman get over his fear.

He accepted my offer, and I began to work with him sometime last year. We have an hour long chat once a month, and I teach him about sales situations and how to handle them, with an emphasis on how to close and how to ask for the money.

Soon after he started with me he started have small successes, and then at the beginning of 2008 he started having big ones. He has followed that up with even bigger successes since the end of May.

In his last twelves presentations he has closed eleven, and the last one could fall this week. That's a perfect closing ratio, and it doesn't just happen.

Not only is he close to perfect, more than half of his customers are buying his most expensive product, or an even more expensive custom product. He has erased all his fears of asking for money, and followed my advice.

Not only has he followed my advice, but he has adapted what I have told him into language that he and his prospects are very comfortable with. He is now able to establish rapport with almost everyone he comes in contact with immediately. Spend five minutes with him and you'll think you have known him for ages.

What has this done for him?

1) It has quintupled his income in the last twelve months. He will generate more than a million dollars in income by December.
Thats not gross sales, that's income from gross sales.

2) His confidence and self esteem have gone off the charts.

3) Selling has become so easy for him that he can spend almost all of his time developing solutions.

He doesn't look like the same guy I met a couple of years back, and he certainly doesn't talk like it. Just like me, he has his own planet. He had to choose a different name though, because I already own Planet Jim.

The moral of this story is; that not only did he listen to what I had to say, he had the courage to put it into action, and to continue to refine it.

If you're struggling, find a mentor or a coach. They can take years off your learning curve, and help propel you to the next level.

Jim Whelan is The chairman of Board and owner of The James R Whelan Agency - The Most Powerful Name in Advertising. Please sign up for his daily free newsletter at thejamesrwhelanagency.com

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