3 Key Steps to Gaining Confidence using Coaching Techniques

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Many Coaches struggle to overcome the challenge of having enough confidence in their skills to be able to coach without referring to their training notes and be fully present for the client.

With so many coaching techniques available, coaches are always learning new coaching techniques and so even the most proficient coach is likely to be using something new in their coaching sessions!

How to Coach without copious notes on the various coaching models:

  1. Pick a couple of basic coaching techniques which you will use often and become proficient in these first, and then
  2. Gradually add new  coaching models to your reportoire, but
  3. Don't wait to be great. It takes time to become unconsciously competent and you can only do so if you put the coaching techniques into action with your clients and use them often.

Pick a Couple of Basic Coaching Techniques

Several coaching models have broad applications and can be used frequently. For example:

  • GROW Model
  • Eliciting Beliefs and Values
  • Work Life Balance questionnaires  

Choose 4 coaching techniques that you use frequently and practice these models until you feel comfortable using them without the need for lengthy notes. Gradually work your way towards needing only bullet points to keep on track and then eventually, not referring to any notes at all.

The more times you use the coaching technique, the less prompting you will find that you need.

Add new Coaching Techniques to your Toolkit

As you master one coaching technique, start to learn another. It is crucial to your confidence and your success that you continue to build your body of coaching materials throughout your coaching career.

For ideas on new coaching tools and resources, check out the free resources at the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching, www.anzicoaching.com

Aim to add one or two new coaching models to your toolkit each month. Of course you can still refer to your notes when you feel the need, but the more confident you are in your coaching techniques, the more focus you will be able to give to your client, and the more value the client will get from the coaching.

The focus here is on proficiency rather than volume. You will feel more confident from mastering 7 coaching techniques, whereas a basic knowledge of 20 or 30 coaching models will just lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Don't wait to be great, practice your Coaching Skills until you are great

Often we are guilty of not doing something until we are good enough to do it. Sounds silly, but how many people put off doing how many things for this reason? Use your new coaching techniques regularly until they become second nature to you.

Best wishes for your continued Coaching Success!

Sally Parrish, Director ANZI Coaching

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