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Positive psychology is a recent branch of psychology. It, among other things, seeks to make normal life more fulfilling. Martin Seligman, the Robert A.
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning, another dreadful day, nothing to look forward to? What you tell yourself early in the morning says a lot about what kind of a day it is going to be for you.
Are you bored at work? Do you find yourself with little to do at your workplace? Actually it is not the job itself, it's the way you react to the job.
The first thing I do when I get up early in the morning is to have a round of Tai Chi for about fifteen minutes. As the movements of Tai Chi are slow and graceful I feel calm, relaxed and a sense of inner peace after the exercise.
According to a paper, "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness", published by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers from the University of Pennsylvania, it is found that the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet the measures of subjective well-being indicate that women‘s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to male happiness.
According to Wikipedia happiness economics is the study of a country's well-being by combining economists' and psychologists' techniques. Up to a certain threshold, increases in incomes result in increases in happiness, but beyond a certain level, further increases in incomes do not lead to higher levels of happiness.
Every day when I have nothing else to do I’ll surf the net to look for free stuff like valuable tips and useful information
A grateful person is a happy person. In China during the Sichuan earthquake a man carried his mother in a basket from the mountain to safety.
Are rich people happy? According to Richard Easterlin, an economist who postulated the concept of Easterlin Paradox in 1974 (a key concept in happiness economics), happiness at a national level does not increase with wealth once basic needs are fulfilled.
Does lifelong learning promote happiness? I am very positive that it does.