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The reason why so many people out there are unhappy is because they are all thinking about what they want. When they have a house they want a bigger house, when they have a car they want to have a luxurious model.
There was an old man waiting for his turn to collect his medicine at the dispensary in a hospital. He was rather impatient and kept looking at his watch. A nurse noticed it and came over to chat with him.
I find happiness whenever I write a good article. When an article is written without any difficulty and my thoughts are flowing freely, I know it’s going to be a good article. A good article is one that the readers find it interesting, useful and a joy to read. My gut feeling can tell me whether an article is popular or not even before it is posted.
How do I teach my child social skills, when I don’t know how to make friends?
Did you know that just by smiling, you can actually make yourself feel happy? It sounds silly, and it may not be easy the first time, but it's true, it really works. Sometimes a positive attitude in negative situations can turn things around, and improve the situation. Just like a positive attitude, a simple smile can calm you when you're stressed, or improve your mood when feeling down.
What makes you happy? What are the simple pleasures that bring you great joy? Review the following list slowly, taking time to savor each one and remember the emotions it evokes. What about your children? Do you know what their happy buttons are? Have you asked them lately?
Every one wants to succeed in life. The feeling of being successful is an extremely pleasant feeling that is ineffable.
A look at the YouTube and book from Randy Pausch. What is the same, what is different.