7 Powerful Keys To Unlock Your Abundant Life

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Keep in mind, as you go through the following list, our goal is to get you to hit the "reset button" on your attitude so you can honestly recapture all the abundance you already have. At the same time, you just might open your mind and heart to even more abundance to flow to you. 

1. Connect with your abundant life.

Rain or shine, hot or snowy, get out of the house and walk in your world. You may live in the quiet  country or in a bustling city, it matters not. Get out and walk.

Taking a short walk every day, while it is great exercise for the body, it can be even more beneficial for your attitude.

Whether you live in a natural setting, that is where there are open fields or trees, rabbits or robins, really does not matter. You can even find inspiration walking along a busy avenue of shoppers and street vendors. The idea here is to soak up as much of your environment as possible by observing every little detail.

Look at everything.

In the country, what do you see, hear, smell? Is there Summer greenery or the sun sparkling off  mounds of snow? What smells are in the air? Do you smell flowers, grass, corn stalks growing, a wood burning fireplace?

What sounds do you hear? Do you feel the wind, hear birds calling to each other, hear the hooves of horses as they trot through the pasture, hear the crunch of snow beneath your feet?

In the city, what is around you? Do you notice that Deli you never noticed before? Go inside. Smell the myriad of odors from the various meats and cheeses and from the special breads. Ask the deli clerk about some of them. What are they? How do they taste? Are they tart, bitter, sweet, salty? Buy a sampling and surprise your taste buds!

On the street, notice the signs, billboards, window displays. What do they say or sell? Notice the people walking along. Are they in a hurry? Are they just strolling along like you? Are there couples holding hands? A mother strolling her baby? An elderly gentleman sitting by himself at a sidewalk cafe'?

These are all signs, country or city, of the abundant world you are a part of, that is yours to enjoy as part of your life's experience.

2. Rock and Roll or Boston Pops?

Change your negative inner conversation with your favorite music. Music can have a magical effect within minutes. It will transform your attitude and energize you. Resurrect that favorite CD that will transport you back to a time when you felt that life was a great adventure ahead of you. Recapture that rapture!

I love listening to Doo Wop from the 50's. It was a time of life when I felt lucky. I felt all kinds of amazing things were just around the corner. And, they were and still are!

Allow the music to reset your attitude to a time when things were going your way, when the world was dealing you all the right cards in your game of life and you will discover that the right cards are still being dealt to you. You might realize that you stopped playing the game and that you need to get back into it.

I am in my 60's and still play every day!

3. Life is full of new things to discover.

Get away from your iPod, your computer, the TV, and your cell phone for a few hours and go on a discovery tour.

Check out the local library. Walk among the books and look for subjects you know nothing about but have wondered about. Grab a book or two and sit down and just read for a while. This practice could give seed to an idea that will bring you even more abundance.

Check out local historical sites. We once visited relatives in Texas and took them to local historical places in their city that they never knew existed! They had some wonderful assets under their noses that they could have woven into to the fabric of their abundance but never took time for discovery.

4. Jay Leno, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and you!

The masters of comedy make a good living transforming the mundane and making it funny to entertain us and move us from our funky mood into that special place that allows us to banish our negative attitude for a short time. Learn from them.

If you approach life with a light-hearted view, you will notice things that are really funny.

The famous funny-man, Milton Berle once said: "I know a good joke when I steal...er...hear one!" Well, steal some jokes and retell them to your family and friends. Make them forget their negative attitude for a few moments, too. They might even tell you a few jokes! It will lift your spirits and theirs at the same time.

5. Abundance breathing.

Think about how you relieve stress with an exhale and a sigh. Some teach this as a meditation exercise. It's simple and can be done anytime, anywhere. You can do it standing, sitting, or laying down.

It's simply a matter of focusing on the flow your breath and how it moves through your body. Take a moment to feel it as you inhale and exhale. Do it slowly and deliberately. Actually feel it flowing and you will notice your tension easing almost immediately.

This, by the way, is a great way to stop road rage from overtaking you! I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly relaxed you become.

6. Let the Doodler loose.

My wife is a great doodler whenever she is on the phone. She says she doodles more when the conversation is about a stressful situation the person she is talking with is going through. It helps her to keep from taking on the other person's stress. Instead, she transfers the stress to the doodles!

I only doodle on the phone when I need to focus my thoughts regarding business matters. I put intricate boxes around important points, for example. Or, I might put a row of exclamation points at the end of an important item to be followed up.

The whole purpose of doodling is to redirect the mind from something negative to a positive and it also serves to release your creative genius.

Grab a pen and paper and just doodle for the fun of it. Let the pictures flow. Set your creative mind free and see what you have been keeping from adding to your abundance. At the very least, doodling will sharpen your ability to notice just how blessed you already are. 

Do not try to create some great work of art, either. This is about creative freedom. Let loose your creative ability. Doodling shuts off your conscious reasoning and opens your subconscious mind to give you some great ideas or just to relieve the stress of the moment.

7. "I'm glad that's not me!"

Sometimes we just need to look at others to see just how great a life we have. While it's true that there are other people who have much more in life than we have, there are many more that have less than we do depending upon the country in which you live.

If you are in the United States or in one of the industrialized nations of the world, chances are you are living a much more abundant life than most people. You may have trouble believing this, at times, but because you can read this article and have an Internet connection to get this article, I guarantee you are better off than most people in the world. 

We see the stories in the newspaper and on line of many of our fellow human beings that barely have basic food, clothing and safe shelter. They suffer unimaginable despair on a daily basis. A simple cup of food means great abundance for them that day.

By simply recognizing their pain and feeling compassion for their plight should make you realize just how abundant your life is right now. Be glad you live the life you do. If you are so moved, make a financial donation to an organization who helps such unfortunate people.

Just how blessed are we in the U.S.A.? We visited Disney World recently and I struck up a conversation with a truck driver from the United Kingdom. His observation of what he had seen in the U.S. was that we are all rich in comparison to his countrymen! Prices on everything here are much cheaper than in England, housing and transportation are much better, life in general here is envied in Europe.

So, what is your current attitude towards the abundance in your life? Do you see just how blessed you are? Can you see how, by following the 7 steps in this article, you can have even greater abundance?

Author, Jim DeSantis, is a retired TV News Anchor and News Director who blogs full time. Jim presents many more tips for having a more adundant life - here => The Abundance Blog!

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