Every Day Exercise For Your Subconscious Mind

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Do you believe that we have the ability to change our lives using our subconscious minds? For those people who do, the power of your subconscious mind is an amazing thing. However, many people fail to ever fully tap into what their subconscious is capable of and instead live lives that leave them feeling incomplete or void of purpose.

Our subconscious mind is deeply rooted in our experiences and influences from early childhood. Our childhood mind was like a big block of stone and for roughly 6 years your parents were the sole sculptors of that stone. Not knowing any better they slowly chipped away at it until they shaped it into their own image. The sculpture they created then became the base of who you are today. Your mind today is essentially a combination of both your parents minds, with the things you do and experience in life.

So know that you know where your mind came from, how do you fix it! Here are some exercises that you can do to reshape your subconscious mind.

Exercise 1: Finding Your Mind
Observe how your parents act and behave. What are their characteristics? Are they happy, sad, angry, joyful, etc...? The more things you can observe the better you will know what factors where an influence in shaping your mind. Make sure you observe them without telling them. You don't want to just ask them what their characteristics are. You are looking for natural learned behavior, not biased information. So by learned behavior we mean you are looking for things they do naturally, because they probably picked this type of programming up as a child and more than likely passed it on to you.

This exercise can often be a very eye-opening and powerful experience. By observing your parents you will be able to see things that you would have never noticed had you not ‘studied' them.

Exercise 2: Sentence Completion Exercises

The more your subconscious mind understands about something the more it will be able to turn it into your conscious actions. Sentence completion exercises are a very simple yet effective way to raise your awareness of what's going on in your mind behind the scenes. All you have to do is write 6-10 endings to a sentence stem. Ideally you can do this exercise first thing in the morning for at least 7 days straight. Two things to remember - you must write the first 6-10 things that come to your mind without worrying if it's right or not (taking no longer than 10 minutes), and you can't use the same ending twice. This will help you bypass the conscious mind and get straight into the sub-conscious.

An example of a sentence stem is:

Life is....

And your sentence completion might look like this:

...not worth living.
....a new and exciting experience every day.

Some other sentence stems might be:

If I did (x) every day then.....
(x) means to me....
If I did more (x) then....

You want to create a sentence stem that will work on finding a solution to a problem you're having. After you write your sentence each day, don't look at it, store it away for later. At the end of the week go back and review all your sentence completions. By doing this exercise you are transferring your subconscious mind down onto paper.

Exercise 3: Create A Feedback Loop

With your sentence completion statements reviewed and in mind, use the following sentence stem:

If anything of what I've been writing this week is true, then it might be helpful if I...


I can use what I have been writing about this week in my life by...

Again you will want to do the exercise as quickly as possible by writing down 6-10 endings. The answers you get will again come from your subconscious mind as answers or solutions to your original sentences. So basically, you are creating a feedback loop and bringing things from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind over and over.

Creating the original sentence stem creates an awareness of anything you want to address in your life. Answering the sentence for at least 7 days forces your sub-conscious mind to think about the question more and more and consequently come up with more answers. Reviewing the answers brings the information from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. After completing a weeks' worth of exercises your subconscious mind will then tell you how you can use the information it has learned from the exercises. Now you can begin the loop all over again to raise awareness in a new and different area of your life!

Jenn and Albert are the Founders and Senior Editors of JennAndAlbert.com, which has been called the best source for Entrepreneurs To Integrate Personal Development With Online Marketing and Communication on the Internet today. Let us connect  Jenn And Albert on Facebook and Follow on Twitter!

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