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A managers must have certain skills to perform his roles effectively. We must understand these skills required in a manager and the various roles he has to perform to discharge his duties effectively.
Do you offer the quality of service you gauge others by? Do you demand the same high standards of yourself - that you expect from other business professionals - when you're working with clients?
Who's Fault Is It When An Employee Fails? ...and what does that have to do with Selling?
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is an epoch-making book. It’s international best-seller. It has impacted lives of millions of people around the world.
It is now conclusively established that great leaders are made, not born. Yes, it may be true that some people are born with natural talents. However, without practice, without drive, without enthusiasm, and without experience, there can be no true development in leadership.
As a busy executive you have many deadlines to meet, endless reports to write and on top of all these you have a team of staff to supervise.
All leaders are managers but not all managers are leaders. Here are the 5 effective ways to lead your employees.
Leaders are concerned about getting the job done and managing the people doing the work so that they are motivated positively to produce good results. The trick is to balance the two well.
Sometimes difficult employees and situations can inspire us to be more creative, empathetic leaders.
Leadership can be a test of courage. Maybe the real leaders are the ones who can move past the fear to get the job done.