There Is Enough Money For Everyone

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I was sitting in my big chair this morning with my boots on the corner of the desk thinking about money. There have been times in my life when I didn't have much, and times when my buckets overflowed.

What was it F.Scott Fitzgerald said, "The rich are different from you and me...they have money." Well now, I have more money than I used too, but am I rich? I don't know.

One thing for sure, I don't carry much money, and I rarely use cash. Almost 99% of all the transactions I make are done with plastic. So maybe the question is, instead of how much money does a person have, is how much plastic is he or she carrying.

How does one acquire money, or plastic?

Well you can work for it, or you can attract it.

I'm in the latter camp because it's easier to attract it than work for it. That doesn't mean I don't do any work, it just means that I can attract more money than I can work for.

If you want to be truly successful you must be a money magnet or attractor. You have to visualize yourself with money, and the money will come. The best visualization is that money is coming to you, and when it arrives, you're happy. And you then visualize more money, and more money.

If you think that money won't come to you, or you're not worthy of having money, then you won't have any. It doesn't matter if you're one of the world's best artists, like Vincent Van Gogh. He never sold a painting during his life.

Van Gogh was so depressed he sliced off his own ear. He wallowed in his depression. He threw off a heap of bad energy, and so he was never rewarded for his work. He never saw himself with any money, so he didn't get any.

Thomas Jefferson was a great thinker except when it came to money, and consequently he was a terrible businessman. (Some say he was a cheat and scoundrel.) Whatever the case, he didn't honor his debts, and rarely paid anyone that he owed. When he died he was millions of dollars in debt.

It's a good thing he didn't stick around to be part of the credit card age. He most certainly would have ended up just like many Wall Street firms.

There are those who think money isn't important. Usually they don't have any, so they think the words absolve them.

The fact is that money is important, and you should have some. Enough so that you can decide what you want to do in life without any interference. Enough so that you can give some away.
Enough so that you can make changes in the lives of others.

And here's something that is really important.

There is an infinite supply of money. There is enough money so that everyone can live a life of abundance. All you have to is attract your share. You can start doing that at any time, and in anyplace.

You can have all you want in your lifetime, and then it goes to someone else. Someone who attracts it. Someone who visualizes it. Someone who makes things happen.

Jim Whelan is The chairman of Board and owner of The James R Whelan Agency - The Most Powerful Name in Advertising. Please sign up for his daily free newsletter at

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