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All of us want to live a successful & confident life.We must learn the tricks of the trade to behave confidently.
We must improve our skills & abilities to compete in this era of global competition.
An article about improving book reading habit and thrive in your career with knowledge power.
Dealing with less than supportive people is something that we all face from time to time. Here are some ways to keep their lack of support from putting a kink in your manifesting successes.
Given my interests and quest to live fearlessly, I was lead to Fear.Less - a network of people who trying to live fearlessly and inspiring each other to take action against their fear. That is where I learned about 'Ishita Gupta' and followed her to through to her blog, Truth Ain’t Easy .
There are 2 types of actions we can take: 1. A call for love, or 2. And act of love Within every act of cruelty is a call for love which can easily be transmuted to an act of Love.
Most speakers simply show up to an event. This may be an event that's a speaking event. It may be a workshop or teleconference. It may even be your own teleclass or consulting session.
In many spiritual circles it is generally accepted that attachment is something to be avoided. It may be unpopular but I submit that attachment can, in fact, be a very good thing.
The ability to manage the terror barrier is largely what sets those that are living a life of their dreams apart from those that are steeped in mediocrity and unhappiness. It’s not that successful people “get all the breaks” or “have it easy,” they are able to break through the terror barrier.
So, you want to be a girl who can handle her own. Don’t be modest, the comfort we achieve from being able to take care of ourselves is a heady feeling; the feeling that everyone has the power to achieve. As a female we are under a lot of pressure when it comes to standing on our own.