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Let's be honest, regardless of the quality of our lives most of us would like them to be better. We've heard about the "Power of Positive Thinking" "The Law of Attraction", "The Secret", etc. However, in today's society where everyone seems to be struggling to get more done in less time, the ideas in the countless books and articles that are out there, just seem to be a little too much to grasp and apply to our lives.
Decision is a powerful force. In a fraction of a second, the world as you know it, your whole life, can be changed. This can be an incredibly heavy thought to bear as it comes with a great deal of responsibility, but even as the truth can shock you at times; it can also amaze you with possibilities.
No matter what you do for a living—whether you’re a salesperson, a business owner, a self-employed professional, or an office worker—chances are the paychecks for people performing the same job functions as you vary greatly. Some people are earning a lot, while others are just barely scraping by. Even though you may be in the same market or industry and doing the same day-to-day things, your outcomes are very different.
Spring is just a few weeks away. It is a time when many people look to release (sell, donate, throw away) those things which seem to have no purpose in their lives other than to take up space and energy. They also often seek to clean up and organize their living environment in order to be more productive.
This is part three of a five part series. I hope you're ready, because I have some more powerful information to share with you. Like most of us, I am sure you're all too familiar if not downright fed up with that negative voice inside your head. You know, the one that says things like "You're not good enough", "You're not smart enough", "You're not worthy of having what you want", etc. Yeah, that voice.
This is part four of a five part series. So are you ready to get magnetized and start moving toward all that you desire at an accelerated rate of speed. I hope so, because that is what part four of the series is all about. With all that's on your mind these days, it's easy to become distracted and lose focus on what is truly important to you. Below are two powerful ways you can use affirmations to stay focused on your heart's desire and ensure that you are maximizing your time.
This is part five of a five part series. Because it seems that in today's society there is too much to do and not enough time to do it, I want to make sure you don't have any excuse to not use affirmations in a powerful way because of not having enough time.
This is part two of a five part series on using affirmations in the most powerful way. The information I am going to share with you is something that I haven't heard too many people talk about, and that is when is the absolute most powerful time to work with affirmations, and why? Well you are about to find out.
Affirmations can be a powerful tool in clearing out the negative thoughts feelings and beliefs in your mind, and thus making it easier to connect to the passion of your heart. Most people have at least a general idea about what affirmations are, however, I often find even people who use affirmations regularly are not doing so in the most powerful and effective way.
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