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We all want to find a peaceful journey on our path in life, including an abundance of unconditional love and joy. It is easy to practice peacefulness when we are on vacation or in a nature environment. The challenges occur when we are surrounded by outside circumstances that seem unjust, unloving and unfair. This is the time our peaceful journey tends to be shaken where chaos can occur both internally and externally. This article discusses how to create a peaceful path in the midst of a chaotic lifestyle.
Your home is just another office. You take office equipment with you wherever you go, even on vacations. You frequently are “problem solving” work situations in your mind, even during your “time off”. These are just some of the clear signs of workaholism. Let’s consider the situation more objectively, as a third party. As you will see (if not seen until now), workaholism doesn’t have a point; furthermore, it can easily be destructive even if only keeping work in mind.
There are the two sides of economic downturn: the left side and the right side. In the left side there prevail fear, nervousness, everlasting stress, worsening financials, debts, losses. The right side is the side of winners who see great opportunities where the others see only crash and crisis. When reading this article, you can get an insight of the way the ones in the right side differ from the ones in the left side, and how to be in the winners’ side next time (and for always).
As an executive you should take note of the following bad habits and avoid them at all costs:
A capable executive is one who is able to plan, organize and monitor performance. He is able to focus on doing the right things to add the most value to the company. He also possesses influential people skills.
5 Easy Voice Tips to Speak Effectively by Phone by Karen Lyu, Holistic Voice Coach. Have you heard that studies show 97% of what we communicate by phone is by vocal tone? That means only 3% of your message is understood from the actual words!
Are you fighting with panic attacks and anxiety on a daily basis? There is a way to stop them and live a less stressful life. Ten most common phobias affect millions of people all over the world.
Whatever the case is but you just cannot be a daydreamer. In actual you have become an ambitious male or female – instead of you wait for the right time.
Assertiveness is a method of communication that lets others know your ideas and feelings, while respecting their feelings as well.
Have you ever heard someone say that in retrospect a tragedy was the best thing that ever happened to them? You just shake your head and wonder what they are talking about. How can the bad be good?