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 The Introduction:

The general population is seen having full faith in the things like the stones, gems and yantras to ward off the evil, to attract the good, peace, prosperity, happiness and other good things in life. You find numerous spiritual peddlers like astrologers, swaamees, experts, spiritual masters and others marketing their wares through different mass media channels like the TV, Internet, mobiles and newspapers, etc.

Have you ever given a thought as to - Do these really repel the bad luck and bring in the good luck? No, they don't! Then, how come someone who use these stones, etc, find their lives for better and obviously get their desires fulfilled?

Very Simple...!  Psychologically speaking, it is their belief system that helps them. How does it happen? Well, a person's belief system may be that - By using a certain yantra/stone only will she/he be able to succeed in life...! Now, this person comes to have positive feelings of self-confidence, initiative, enthusiasm, etc, after getting that yantra/stone and then starts working whole-heartedly to achieve her/his goal, finally succeeding in the given task!

Such a fatalistic person shall be found giving credit for her/his own success to the yantra/stone used by her/him if you ask her/him the reason for her/his stupendous success.


The belief systems of a given person are generally really hard to break if not impossible. For example, a famous astrologer in Pune had once told me that the stones/gems/yantras are actually of no real use except boosting the given person's psychological confidence.

He told me how he himself had to buy a stone worth Indian Rupees 5,000 sometimes back then for his own son who wanted to wear it on his own finger for better life and career prospects! This son of his then worked as a scientist in a reputed Indian government scientific establishment.

I was told also that he couldn't persuade his own son against the basic inefficiency of these stones.

Then, he showed me his own fingers which had no rings/stones on them, since he had found these of no real value in their own right!

He explained to me as to how instead of going in for stones, etc, one could easily find simpler remedies like one could overcome the bad effect of the planet Mercury [Budha Grha] by offering any white colour flower to the deity Mercury on Wednesdays [Budhawaras]. What a fabulous simple cost-effective remedy...!


1] The possession of a stone, gem or yantra infuses and restores the self-confidence in a person, thereby triggering the chain reaction leading to the desired end-result.

2] Some people energize or get energized the given stone/gem/yantra by someone else through the chanting of hymns and prayers (spiritual energy). Such energized stone/gem/yantra may come to have powerful energy (but not necessarily always) for a certain period usually lasting 6 to 12 months at the most, after which it need be re-energized!


If some human being is required to energize a given stone/gem/yantra so that such a stone/gem/yantra may be able to get activated to be able to give any help to its user, why the hell not one energize/get energized one's own human body itself which remains with oneself always? After all, one carries one's human body with one's own powerful soul all the time during one's life-time unlike the stone/gem/yantra which it may be impossible to carry with one's own self all the time.

Well, the answer seems to be - Any fully energized stone/gem/yantra  remains active till its discharge and as such can help its user even when its user is unaware, i.e., in times of danger from the evil spirits, etc. Whereas an awakened-mantra/yogic energy or the awakened-Kavacha of a deity saves a person generally only if the person is chanting the awakened-mantra, is performing the yoga or reading the awakened-Kavacha regularly when such a danger befalls one...!

For example, the great saint Paltu Sahib was burnt alive to death by his detractors in the night while Paltu Sahib was asleep. Paltu Sahib was a great practitioner of the divine current/melody called the shabda-dhuuna. But, the shabda-dhuuna did not come to his rescue. Why? It happened because at that point of the time, Paltu Sahib was not in touch with the divine current/melody.

If Paltu Sahib had been wearing any energized stone/gem/yantra  in the sleep, such a stone/gem/yantra might have alerted Paltu Sahib of the impending danger or warded it off altogether, thereby saving Paltu Sahib's precious life.

3] Some astrologers/pundits/spiritual peddlers possess the SEDDHE [supernatural psychic power] called the VAAKA SEDDHE .The word VAAKA means the faculty of the speech/spoken word. Whatever word/sentence is uttered by such a person, that uttered word/sentence comes to be true. The stone/gem/yantra given by such a psychic-person with the promise of the desired result happening on the use of such a stone/gem/yantra actually does not deliver the desired result. The desired result following on using such a stone/gem/yantra is actually because of the VAAKA SEDDHE of such a psychic-person!

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