What are Otolaryngology jobs?

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An Otolaryngologist is one of the oldest specialized medical jobs in the United States. Otolaryngologists are physicians that are trained in the surgical and medical treatment and management of patients who are afflicted with disorders and diseases which affect the ear, nose and throat, as well as areas in the head and the neck. Otolaryngologists are often referred to as ENT physicians.

What does an Otolaryngology job require me to do?
Ears - One in ten Americans is affected by some form of hearing loss. This alone speaks to their importance. Otolaryngology jobs will always be needed due to this kind of demand. Otolaryngologists are trained to treat most ear issues such as ear infections, hearing loss, balance issues, tinnitus and nerve disorders.

Nose - Chronic sinusitis (cavities in the nasal passage become swollen and inflamed) is one of the most common health issues in the world, affecting 35 million people per year. The Otolaryngologist profession is trained to treat chronic sinusitis as well as other nose issues such as smelling issues, allergies, polyps, nasal obstructions and appearance of the nose.

Throat - With an Otolaryngology job, you will also be able to treat different issues that involve the throat which affects a patient's ability to communicate and breathe. Some of these issues include diseases of the larynx (the voice box), problems with the throat and esophagus and disorders that effect the ability to swallow and speak.

Head and Neck - An Otolaryngology job will also give you the knowledge to treat issues involving the head and neck. Such issues include infections, facial trauma, facial deformities, cancerous tumors and non-cancerous tumors.

Training for Otolaryngology jobs

If you are interested in Otolaryngology jobs, you should familiarize yourself with the training that you will be required to complete. Training can take up to 15 years of university and graduate level schooling. Once you have earned your bachelor's degree and have completed four years of medical school and about five years of specialized training, you will need to acquire an Otolaryngology certification. Some aspiring Otolaryngologists spend 1-2 years in a fellowship program to gain additional experience.

Specialization for Otolaryngology jobs

There are eight areas of specialization that otolaryngologists can pursue. Normally, someone with or seeking Otolaryngology Jobs will choose to limit their practices to one or a few of these specialties. Such specialties are:

• Allergy - The treatment of allergic symptoms. Treatment via medication and allergy shots.

• Facial Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery - Cosmetic surgery involving abnormalities in the face, neck and ear areas.

• Head and Neck - The treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors in the neck and head areas.

• Laryngology - Issues involving the throat which includes trouble speaking and swallowing.

· Otology/Neurology - Ear disease, infection and other ear related issues.

• Pediatric Otolaryngology - Diseases in young children that affect the ears, nose and throat.

· Rhinology - Disorders involving the nose and sinuses.

Otolaryngology jobs pay well and are difficult to acquire. The average salary for a practicing Otolaryngologist is over $300,000. If you do not have any experience, it will likely take you 15 years to reach the point where you can become a practicing Otolaryngologist. People will always get sick and for that reason, Otolaryngology jobs will always be in demand.

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