How To Recover From Stress, problems or Failures

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After losing our childhood naivety about the world, trying events will haunt us for the rest of our life. One must therefore build a strong emotional resilience muscle if they are to increase their ability to recover from all kind of bad feelings like pain, fear, grief, humiliation, depression and other whole bouquet of human suffering.

Other factors affecting one's ability to rebound from minor and major setbacks include inborn abilities, timing of trying moments, previous experiences and our parental guidance. You still learn new things everyday but you may need to see a counselor.

How To Recover From Stress, problems or Failures:

Building Your Resilience

Build your resilience by having that will to survive. You must focus on getting through the day, doing what needs to be done. Remind yourself that others have survived and seek encouragement where you can.

Take Care of Your Physical Needs            

Depression can affect your appetite, sleep patterns and hygiene. Expert advice

that,  even though your appetite may be gone, eat mechanically while avoiding comfort foods which can add you weight. Go to bed at a regular time each day and stick to your grooming schedule.

Get  Spiritual Boost

Faith in some meaning, purpose or power in larger sense helps when your strength is low. Buy and read some motivational books, tapes, watch and listen Tv channels or attend sermons. You will be able to believe that the misfortune will work out for your ultimate good.

Learn To Lean   

Reach out to others at the moments when you feel like being socially withdrawn. At times of fatigue, shame, depression and failure we isolate our self which is detrimental to our emotional well-being. Call friends and ask them to help you when you feel overwhelmed. Don't bottle up your feelings, find someone to talk to.

Take One Day At A Time      

You enhance your emotional resilience by shrinking your life into smaller, easy to handle units. Just remind yourself that you don't have to handle a problem for the rest of your life but just through the day.

Trust Your Instincts         

Instincts help to protect you in times of trouble. If it feels right to wear certain dress, make a call, dodge something. Yeah! go with your gut feelings.

Give Yourself Mental Reprieves    

You don't have to focus on the hurtful thoughts, recall bitter memories or ponder terrible possibilities. We all need distractions that will keep our minds occupied for a time. This way we can deal with the pain, bit by bit, instead of taking it in full force. When a hurtful thought creeps up at a moment when you will be unable to deal with it, postpone it. Tell yourself, "I'm not going to think about that right now." Sometimes, you must protect your mind from itself.

Seek the Good

It may be difficult to imagine how, but some good can come out of your situation. Perhaps a rejection can make you more independent; the loss of a loved one can make you realize you need to treasure your surviving or other relationships. Whatever it takes, strive to get better, not bitter by seeing how this devastating blow will improve the quality of your life.

You cannot always control the world around you, but you can make it hurt less!

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