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Some principles remain true down through the ages. Whether we cook over a fire or push a button on the microwave, the power of relationships is one of those principles. When fully understood, creating effective relationships will open unimaginable doors for you.
Do you know what you want out of life? Getting what you want out of life involves knowing what you want out of life. You have already heard that, right? Well, pay attention, because it's the "knowing" that separates the winners from average folks.
We are living in the society called civilized society. Here one has its very right to live with dignity and freedom of life style within the norms of the society. On the other hand he or she is equally responsible to contribute the best of efforts to make the others' life smooth and pleasant. Being the part of society reciprocity is necessary to make others realize that you deserve for good at the principle of do good have good.
Aren't you allowed to choose a profession for yourself? Is your family too pushy? Try making them part of your decision. After all, it's a matter of your career...
In life we face new obstacles every day - some are challenging and others we breeze right through. But without obstacles, life would be a boring place. As I always say, “The greatest obstacles in life are the ones we’ve yet to conquer”. If life was not a challenge it would not be self-rewarding in the end; I like to think the same about business. Without challenging obstacles, business would not be as fulfilling as I find it to be.