Handbag Organizers That Make Your Busy Day A Little Easier

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There are many ways life could be easier for today's busy women - starting with their handbags.

A woman's handbag is her lifeline between home and the rest of the world. When she goes to work, she undoubtedly carries a bill, a note from the teacher, or something else that she must deal with during the day. If she goes shopping, she'll tuck a color swatch, a shopping list and her cell phone in her handbag.

While there is no argument that what women carry is critical to work and home, all too often the handbag is not well-organized and the critical contents are not easily located.

Another problem is that once a woman organizes her handbag - getting everything in its place so she can find it - the handbag never changes. If a woman has organized her black handbag, she's going to stick with that black handbag for the rest of the season - whether she's wearing yellow, purple or green!

There has to be a solution to this dilemma - and there is. But it took a busy, successful woman to find the answer.

JoAnn Huth faced the same problems all women face with unorganized handbags. But she solved the problem by designing the Transfer Bag, which is an unadorned clutch with lots of elastic pockets and zippered compartments to hold the necessities - a cell phone, wallet, make-up and keys. But best of all, Huth's bags are designed in several sizes and styles so you can find one to fit just about any purse in your collection.

When JoAnn first designed the Transfer Bag, she thought she had hit on a great idea, but she was not sure. She tested her new product at a New York trade show, selling 300 Transfer Bags in the first three hours and another 400 by the end of the second day. Building on the idea and expanding to other products, JoAnn is now president of JoAnn Huth Collection and Accessories by JoAnn Huth. Her line includes products that solve the dilemmas women face in their day-to-day world.

Here is an introduction to the Transfer Bag, as well as some of the variations on that theme.

Classic Transfer Bag

The Classic Transfer Bag was created on the premise that there should be a place for everything in your purse. Once you find that place, you will be able to locate it - no matter which handbag you are carrying. The Classic Transfer Bag - measuring 9½ inches wide by 6 inches high by 2 inches deep - comes in several styles, each with inner and outer elasticized pockets so you can tuck that list or swatch and retrieve it quickly. The bag also has a key loop, zipper pouch for cosmetics and a detachable strap. Because the bags are attractive, some women may opt to carry the Transfer Bag alone, which is why the strap is provided. The bag comes in a dragonfly motif in black and taupe, black and brown satin, a leopard print, an embroidered beetle motif and the traditional solid red or black.

Handle It Transfer Bag

The Handle It Transfer Bag has pockets inside and out to help you stay organized. It also has a zippered cosmetic pouch so you know where to find your make-up. Its built-in, dual handles let you use this model as a clutch in a pinch or tucked inside a bigger handbag. It measures 9½ inches wide, 6 inches high and 2 inches deep.

Big Timer Transfer Bag

If you carry a bigger handbag, you may want to try the Big Timer Transfer Bags. They are larger - measuring 10 inches wide by 8 inches high by 2 inches deep. But they also have more pockets and defined spaces than the smaller bags. They come with several side pockets, a zippered pouch and one main pocket. The Big Timer Transfer Bag comes in several materials, including faux black leather, taupe microfiber with embroidered dragonflies, bright stripes and a faux leather print. If you are willing to spend more, the Big Timer also comes in genuine leather - including copper, lambskin leather, black leather and pewter lambskin leather.

Mommy Transfer Bags

If you carry a diaper bag, you may rightfully wonder why you should also carry a purse. The answer is the Mommy Transfer Bag. Put your belongings in this bag, measuring 9½ inches wide by 6 inches high and 2 inches deep, and then tuck it in the diaper bag.

Teeny Transfer

Teeny Transfer bags are organizers women will want to fit into a computer bag, briefcase or maybe a tote bag. They measure just 8½ inches high by 8½ inches deep by 1½ inches deep, but still have pockets and defined spaces to hold your necessities. The Teeny Transfer comes in taupe, black or embroidered with dragonflies. It also comes in pewter leather and copper leather.

Take some of the little annoyances out of your daily life with one of these fabulous handbag organizers!

Don Decker is a freelance writer who writes about fashion, apparel, and organizational products such as handbag organizers.

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