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The University of Michigan is famous for producing some of the most respected leaders in the country. Michigan has honed the minds of Supreme Court Justices and state leaders. One of the most renowned alumni of the University is the 38th president of the United States, Gerald R. Ford.
Father Edward Sorin founded the University of Notre Dame du Lac in 1842. The university originally catered to male students; it only opened its doors to female students in 1972. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart - the university church - is one of the distinct architectural creations on the campus.
In 1851, Florida Governor Thomas Brown approved a bill to provide assistance to higher education. Two years later, Gilbert Kingsbury took advantage of that legislation and instituted the East Florida Seminary. The effort closed during the American Civil War, but EFS would later become what we now know as the University of Florida.
The University of Georgia has nineteen athletic teams. Like most universities, it fields teams in baseball, football, and basketball. Additional programs include mens and womens team in soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, cross-country, track, tennis, swimming and diving, and golf.
Football and athletics always has seemed to be an "afterthought" at Georgia Tech. Education and the struggle for excellence has always been the priority at Georgia Tech.
June 30, 1965, will always be remembered as both a termination and a commencement in the history of Atlanta Professional Sports. For on that day The Falcons were born and began their storied history in the National Football League.
The University of Texas has a very interesting history. Even in the early 1800s, Texas already wanted a public university. However, circumstances prevented this dream from turning into a reality. The realization of the movement to establish of such institution took a long time, but it did finally happen. The University of Texas has come a long way since it opened in 1883.
You just have to know Auburn - the Town, the University, and the Tradition - to truly understand Auburn Football and what it really means. Let me try to explain . . .
The Crimson Tide, the team of many names, has been referred to as the Crimson White, the Thin Red Line, and even the Red Elephants. With so many names, how do Tide fans know who they’re talking about? From the Tide tradition, that’s how.