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Mountain biking is definitely one of the popular sports which is appreciated all over the world. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this sport. Unlike other sports, all you need is a good mountain bike. And, once you own a quality and efficient bicycle, you are ready to head towards the enthralling ride around the hills and slopes.
Tired of riding a normal bike on normal streets? Get rid of your old bike. Stand up and go to the next shop and buy a new bicycle to ride off the road. But … which one should you buy? Why is this bike more expensive then this one although they look exactly the same?!
Downhill is a bicycle competition that needs very special bike components for example a special shifting system 1x9 or forks with travel up to 300mm. The road requires the full attention of the driver because otherwise it will be very dangerous and could end in an awful accident. Every single stone can be a new problem.
You'd like to change your braking system of your bike? You'd like to get a better performance on your brakes? So get MTB disc brakes to your bike. But be prepared to spend some money on your mtb disc brakes and the stuff that belongs to it.
New mtb disc brakes are a huge upgrade for your bike. They look amazing and are much more better in performance then rim brakes (V-brakes). But you have to spend some money to get the components you need. Check this out to get the knowledge to upgrade your bike with mtb disc brakes.
There are so many different types of bikes that a normal person can't really handle all the specific names. Everyone who wants sell you a bike will tell you that only the bike he has is the best for you. But is this right? Only you can know which bike you need. It's all about the type of riding you prefer. Do you want to ride on normal streets?? Do you want to ride off road?? Do you want to ride only once per week??
This is a small guide how you can install a new Mountain Bike Fork or just remove the old one. Follow these steps and you will get your new fork installed easily.
How are you stopping your new car? What type of brakes are used in the formula 1? What are the newest experiences in the progress of braking systems? And how can we use this information to make our bikes safer?
You need a new bike and you go to the biggest bicycle shop in your town. There are so many bikes that are really cool but which one will fulfil your needs? You ask the nice guy behind the counter. Well, he shows you several bikes. The expensive mountain bike for the more professional rider, the light racing cycle for competition, the more common road bike, the electric bike for lazy rider and a few mountain bikes in special offer. But which parts make the real difference in quality and in pricing?
You think you need a new bike? But you don't want to kick your old one because you like to ride it? It is quite comfortable, the shifting system is super and the tires aren't that bad at all? You know what? There is a very cheap but useful upgrade for your bike. No matter what type of bike, no matter how old it is, no matter how much money you'd like to spend. Just get a new fork. It will give your bike a new look and a better suspension.