New MTB Disc Brakes – What do I need and how to install?

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New mtb disc brakes are a huge upgrade for your bike. They look amazing and are much more better in performance then rim brakes (V-brakes). But you have to spend some money to get the components you need.

Check this out to get the knowledge to upgrade your bike with mtb disc brakes. The most important part is the wheel hub. You need a hub with one of the following mounting standard:

  • International Standard (IS) (a six-bolt mount)
  • Centerlock (licensed by Shimano)
  • five-bolt (licensed by Hope)
  • three-bolt (licensed by Hope and another system licensed by Rock Shox)
  • there are many other mountings for mtb disc brakes …

The second thing you need is a MTB fork respectively a frame with an IS or PM mounting. IS means International Standard and PM means Post Mount. It doesn't really matter which mounting you have or your brakes have there are several adapters from one to the other mounting, so don't care about what type you have.

Of course you need a rotor (disc) for your mtb disc brakes. This depends on the brake you got. Some manufacturers have special discs such as Avid, Hope, Hayes and Shimano. The best way is to get the disc the manufacturer suggests. You can choose between some disc sizes.

  • 140 mm
  • 160 mm
  • 180 mm // 183 mm // 185 mm
  • 200 mm // 203 mm // 205 mm
  • 220 mm

These are to common ones but there are some others for special manufacturers. Anyway there are adapters for nearly every size. How to install your new braking system? No matter if you got hydraulic or mechanical mtb disc brakes the installation will be the same.

  • First of all take the wheel off your bike.
  • Then take your new rotor and put it on the wheel hub and fix it the way it should be. This depends on the type of mounting standard you have.
  • After fixing the disc go back to your bike and your mtb disc brake to the mounting on your MTB fork or frame.
  • Now put your wheel back on your bike.
  • Last but not least you have to adjust the brake so that there is no noise while the wheel spins around. That can take a long time and you have to be very patient with this.

The next important Accessoires are MTB Shoes.Coming back to the basic equipment of your bike, you are maybe interested in MTB Forks.

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