Seven rules for newbie mountain biker

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Taking the first step is usually the most difficult to do, so I have put together the basic mountain biking skills which you must possess to get started. Those matters are very clear for some people, but very helpful for beginners.

1. Better brake to faster ride

Like a sports car which has two things in common: big engines and high performance brakes. In this way if you can walk fast, you must able to slow down quickly. There is no sport car eligible to run at high speed without a good set of brakes. This principle should be as a mountain bike ride. If you want to increase speed, invest in a good set of brakes too.

2. The gear factor

If you know how to drive a car, then you will know how important driving on the right gear. The same things are applied to mountain bikes. Lower gear is easier to pedal, but slow on acceleration. High gear is more difficult, but will give a sudden acceleration. Low gear will help you climb stiff hills. High gear will make you fast at the local level, so don't start in high gear. Start low and gradually increase as you gain speed.

3. Turn Instant

If you would hit a tree, car or a big stone, you must learn how to make quick turns. Turn sharply to the left and then direct to the right which will make your body lean to the left. Next step is making of hard left, so that wheel will be far from the barrier. While taking practice, it can be very useful in emergency situations. Ease on the back brake if rear tires begin to slip. Ease on the front brake if rear tires lifted off the ground.

4. Down deceleration

Going up rapidly reduces your reaction time significantly, so if you need slow moving to avoid something in front of you, do following procedure:

* Shift your weight as far as possible,
* Lower your body as low as possible,
* Press the front and rear brakes evenly,
* Avoid to press brakes hardly when your body is not properly aligned with the bike or making a turn.

5. Frames

Mountain bike is about frame and really taking the brunt of what you've entered to the bike through. Style and new design makes a demand on the bike frame to be stronger and therefore the materials used. It's not good to have frame which cannot be damaged if it is too heavy to use. It must be light enough for you and able to respond quickly to the last-minute of detour.

6. Brakes

Today, disc brakes are used in almost all mountain bikes. With a brake in the middle of the wheel, it's easier to keep clean because brakes remain far from any wet muddy ground.

7. Tire

Mountain bike tires are thicker and bumpier than road bike. They give additional grip on muddy ground, so it's better to make shock easier to get more than the speed rough terrain. You can change the tires to deal with different conditions.More>>>

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