Intex Above Ground Pools. How To Maintain Your Pool.

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So you are now a proud new owner of an Above Ground Pool, you have finished the process of setting and filling it up but have come to the stage of adding chemicals. For those of you with no experience this can seem a very confusing task, when actually it is straightforward.

I have written a brief explanation below with some informative helpful advice on how to manage your pool keeping it clean and safe for use.

The first Stage in maintaining your pools cleanliness is to work out the average amount of water which your pool holds; this is to help guide you to the correct amount of chemicals to add. I have posted a formula below to help you work this out.

(1 cubic metre = 1000 Litres or 4.5 Litres per 1 Gallon)
Once you have worked out how much water your pool holds you are now ready to add chemicals into your pool, to do this you will need some kind of testing kit or pool test strips, these are used for checking the levels of chlorine and Ph in your water.

The First Step is to adjust the Ph level of your pool water; this level needs to be between a minimum of 7.2 and a maximum of 7.6, the optimum level is 7.4. You will need either Ph Plus or Ph Minus depending whether your levels are high or low. The reason your levels of ph need to be correct is if they are too high or too low the other chemicals will not work properly. To get the correct readings you will need to follow the formula below unless your chemicals state otherwise.

10g per 1000 litres of Ph plus or minus until you get a reading of 7.4

You should only need to adjust your ph levels once, unless you add fresh water to your pool or a heavy amount of rain gets into it; these are the only factors which will change your levels of Alkalinity.

Once you're Ph level is correct you can now add the main chemical Chlorine, the levels of chlorine will change depending on temperature. The warmer the day the quicker the chlorine will burn off, you will want to check you pool every 2-3 days in the hotter periods of the year. Below is the required amount of Chlorine required for an initial dose (the first treatment) and then every 3 days.

Adjust Chlorine levels to -
Initial Dose of chlorine is 6Grams per 1 Cubic Metre
Then 1.8g of Chlorine per 1 cubic metre when needed
Providing you follow these steps you should have a clean safe pool throughout this season.


• Always have your filter pump in operation when adding chemicals to your pool and keep it running for at least half an hour afterwards.
• Do not allow anyone in the pool for at least half an hour after treatment.
• Please test chemical levels before letting anyone enter the pool.
• Never Mix Chemicals. 

By Benjamin McDonald

Above Ground Pools Expert

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