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Certain types of alcohol, high in flavonoids, exert a benefit on your heart. They can protect this vital muscle from the conditions that trigger disease. One of them is high blood pressure. But the news isn't all good around this link. Can alcohol help reduce hypertension? Does it help trigger it? A look at the medical literature suggests both.
Professor Nutt is a loose cannon on deck. He claims that alcohol is more dangerous than heroin or crack cocaine.
The first step in treatment is to identify alcohol and other drug dependency. The first step in recovery is identifying if you or someone you love is dependent on alcohol or other drugs.
Bad breath is also scientifically known as halitosis. We all know it is the unpleasant smell that comes from our mouth.
Many defendants are unsure of the "three strikes" status in other states. This article explains those differences.
This article explores the driver's rights who is charged with a DUI
Many people who receive tickets in the area of Driving While License Suspended or Revoked feel that the ticket is like a simple "traffic ticket." It is not.
Dear Alcohol, I’m writing this letter to say goodbye.