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Many people who have pending Social Security Disability hearings have a few questions about the hearing and the actual hearing room. What does the hearing room look like? What do you need to expect? Who’s going to be there? How do you dress? I can answer these questions for you.
This is a very good question, but can be a very complicated one. In many situations, if you have sustained significant work injuries that may be life-changing and/or that prevent you from returning to work, then it is probably a good idea to apply for social security.
If you are on workers’ comp and are thinking about filing for social security disability, there are definitely circumstances in which you should not apply for social security at a particular time.
I want to tell you about how to apply for social security disability benefits over the phone, which is the most common way to apply. I suggest that you apply for benefits over the phone, at least at this point.
I’d like to talk to you about a topic that comes up quite a bit in my social security disability practice here in Atlanta, and the issue has to do with part-time work. As you know, Social Security Disability is dealing with a lot of very, very long delays in the management and handling of cases.
Unlike standard court proceedings, SSDI hearings are considerably more relaxed in that only you, your disability attorney, the judge, and a hearing reporter are usually the only people present and are typical seated around a conference table.
Most social security disability claimants have neither the knowledge nor the understanding of how the SSDI claims process works, hence the need for the assistance of an experienced disability attorney in order to help you with the early stages of the SSDI claims process.
The SSA recently divulged statistics attesting to the fact that eventually, 34% of all the SSDI benefit applications get approved and benefits are awarded to the applicant. Conversely, when applications are in their initial stages, approximately 75% of all claims are denied.
In the past couple of years, there have been significant technological advancements made in SSDI cases and hearings. We are referring to the implementation of video hearing centers. The benefit to those who are applying for SSDI benefits is that the typical 2 to 3 year wait has been dramatically reduced.
A Vocational Expert or VE as they are more commonly referred to in SSDI hearings is an individual who has expertise in several key areas such as: