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I’m not forcing to invite my audience here. I’m trying to keep it focused on my interests. I feel that I don’t have to worry about boring 90 percent of the audience—because [the audience for my blog] self-selected themselves as wanting to read this, I can be much more authentic and much more liberated to talk about what I really want to talk about, rather than trying to anticipate the needs of a scattered, diverse audience like a magazine has.
I use the blogs as a filter. I don’t read any mainstream media directly on daily or weakly basis. I also don’t subscribe to any newspapers or magazine and online journals.
In addition to giving voice to millions and enabling individuals to spread their presence across the online world, blogs—or at least writing and editing blogs—are the cottage industry of the 21st century. Thousands of people make their living as bloggers.
Congratulations! You have found a publisher well suited to your book. The contract has been signed. You are a published author! What’s next? What will your publisher do? What should you do to enhance the publisher’s efforts? Viral marketing means many things, including web pages, Blogs, social networking, video marketing and all other electronic means of selling your book. It sounds difficult. In reality, it is simple and free.
Meeting with Jim Lillig was such an education. Wanted to share a recent experience with you as I think it's real important e-Marketing stuff. I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting with one of the e-Marketing Gurus of our time; Jim Lillig. By the way that was today at the RIO Hotel. He's in town for the Affiliate Marketing Summit to be held next week.