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One of the obvious teachings in this Proverb is to have children with one wife. It is about faithfulness. The goal of Christian families is to raise righteous children; teaching them God's word and having them accomplish the same thing. The wife/mother is the source of the spring and from her love, nurturing and teaching comes great streams of children which go on to change and water the world.
Out of love, the husband should do all that he can to please his wife and to make her happy. The excellent wife is much more valuable than jewels. She is to be treasured.
Character is the set of qualities that make somebody distinctive. It is the outward manifestation of what you believe inside your mind and spirit. It is your nature, personality and moral fiber.
Do you wish you knew what your child was thinking about you as a parent? Are you struggling with your confidence as a parent? Do you sometimes feel like you are not doing enough to help your child become a responsible member of society?
There is a debate on corporeal punishment for children. Some who use corporeal punishment go overboard. At the other extreme, there are parents who fail to discipline their children at all. The main point of today's Proverb is ‘not to hold back discipline'.
First part in a series of articles on a kids eye view of business today, the lessons we can learn from children's books
Chess helps to build an active and creative imagination in our next generation.
Whither child rights? Sometime back, all of Us were horrified when we read about a six-year-old girl abandoned at a garbage dump by her parents. She was emaciated and sick.
When your children obtained excellent results in their exams you will buy them gifts to reward and motivate them. When they are admitted to the university you will rejoice and celebrate the occasion.
Nowadays seeking quality higher education is just as competitive as the business world. Just look around you, when it is examination season some parents even go to the extent of taking leave just to accompany their child to get over this critical period.