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According to a local newspaper it is reported that whether we have our priorities right.Children are paying too much attention to excel in their education at the expense of their health and safety...
We have stressed the importance of getting good grades to our children when we really mean for them to gain knowledge. Grades are simply a measure of how much you know. We have stressed that they take a good core of classes on the basis of faith, when we really mean that in the work place, marketplace and even in the neighborhood, that they need to demonstrate that they can be contributing citizens with value.
When you become a parent remember: To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today. Our words, reactions and non-verbal language skills are very powerful tools, especially with impressionable children. When we pause and think before correcting and/or providing feedback on what our children are doing, we can choose positive reinforcement over negative putdowns.
If your parenting methods include abuse of any kind; physical, sexual, emotional or verbal, please get help to stop as soon as possible. Adults are supposed to safeguard and protect the young among us. You may be repeating patterns learned in your family of origin or not know any other methods of parenting.
Many families, ours included, have learned that breakfast is eaten after we are dressed and have made our beds.
Everyone needs silence and privacy at times. Many parents have their children in so many structured programs to "enrich" their lives that there is no times to just think and be. We should never become full time recreation directors for our children.
Are your children lost in cyber space? Do they prefer the company of video games and television to the family? Can they day dream and use their imagination to create wonderful games or activities on their own? Do they need someone or something to tell them how to have fun?
Are you a frustrated parent who sometimes finds it is easier to take the garbage out yourself than to keep nagging your son? Do you wonder what kind of employee he will become since he doesn't always follow through at home? Is it worth the effort on your part to insist that he do his share? The answer is a resounding Yes!
Would you like to give your children self confidence? How about teaching them skills to make them valuable in the world of work? What about helping them to assume personal responsibility?
How does your child handle disappointment? What happens if they don't win the game, election or friend? Do they want to quit the team when they're not picked to play?