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Children, from 6 to 8 years of age, are at a major transition point. They are now in school full-time and feeling really grown up. They have developed the strength and physical dexterity to handle more tedious and detailed tasks. At the same time, they still have relatively short attention spans and are likely to get bored very easily.
Shrugs, sighs, eye rolling, sneers, slumped shoulders, ignoring, mumbling are all gestures of non verbal communication. But then, so are smiles, winks, hugs, spontaneous eye contact and a relaxed stance. The problem with trying to read people, and especially your children, is that body language can have multiple meanings, depending on the culture, past experiences and willingness to share emotions and feelings.
Are your children lost in cyber space? Do they prefer the company of video games and television to the family? Can they day dream and use their imagination to create wonderful games or activities on their own? Do they need someone or something to tell them how to have fun?
Why did my daddy leave? Was it because I was a bad girl or he didn’t love us anymore?”
There is no better place for your child to learn values, standards, and social skills than in the home. There is no better teaching method than letting natural consequences take place. If you as an adult don't pay the phone bill, they cut off your service. If your child doesn't turn in his report, he receives a low grade.
The relationship between art and education or educating through art is evident from the Stone Age where signs and symbols etched on cave walls formed a vital mode of communication and information exchange.
My great grandfather felt that it was his responsibility to provide his children with the ability to make a living for themselves and their families. To accomplish this end he reasoned that his children needed a marketable skill and good moral character so that they would be able to deal with the public successfully.
Children are interested in who is popular, being well-liked, wearing the right clothes and shoes and listing to the right music. Indeed, it is clear that the goal of being well liked is much more important than learning material content.
Hezekiah was a great king who reigned for 29 years in Jerusalem. He lived 715 years before the birth of Christ. In the first year of his reign he repaired the temple, brought in Levites and priests to consecrate the house of the Lord and worshiped God according to His commandments.
When you break up or divorce it can often have effects that are far wider than just the two people involved. It can be like a tidal wave and extend out and affect friends, family and most of all children who can not understand and somehow blame their self’s