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With hundreds of food and wine gifts available online at GiftsDirect.com, including food from large Irish brands, but also smaller, artisan producers, there’s no need to go elsewhere this Christmas. Worldwide delivery is offered on the Christmas gift collection, meaning you can send a very special Christmas wish to loved ones living overseas, especially if they can’t make it back to Ireland this year, bringing a taste of home to them.
Choosing great gifts for the holidays can certainly be challenging. That's why a beautiful gift basket provides a perfect solution. Gift baskets come in a wide range of specialties and can be custom made for just about any hard to shop for person on that holiday shopping list.
In this article I want to give some quick tips on how to avoid gaining too much weight over Christmas
Grab your customers' attention with creative promotions that tie into 12 months worth of holidays and celebrations. There is a special day everyday and one for everyone.
He was born in Bethlehem, in a family who were the descendents of David. His mother was Mary and His earthly father was Joseph. Mary was already betrothed to Joseph when Jesus was conceived in her by the Holy Spirit. This announcement to them was made by the angel Gabriel that Jesus would be unique and would be born as Adam was made. He would have a body, soul and spirit but unlike Adam, He would also be God.
Have you ever wondered why some people are more fun to do business with than others? Do you have favorite business people that you look forward to seeing? Are some business owners/managers like an extension of your family? If you do not have business favorites, it is a real indictment of our businesses, a very important part of communities.
The meaning of Christmas as Jesus would want us to celebrate Him.
"When a grandparent dies, it is like a library has burned down." This old African saying has taught me the value of listening and sharing family stories. As we approach the holidays, it is even more important to turn off the Television and turn on to each other and the family stories we share. Do you know what was your dad's favorite Christmas or Hanukkah gift as a young child? Do you know why your grandmother makes her special cookies?