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Computer makes a beeping sound when switched on, the CPU and motherboard fans start but there is no display on the monitor. Even after restarting the same problem occurs.
A slow internet connection can be frustrating as you waste a lot of time trying to open any web page and your internet connection may get disconnected in the middle of a download.
In wireless networks, each of the computers on the network have a wireless card and a router assigns network addresses to each of the computers.
Most laptops (notebook computers) available use Lithium ion rechargeable batteries since they have a low weight and discharge slowly when not in use
Working with a hanging / freezing / slow start up computer can be time consuming as programs/ applications take a long time to starting up and loading.
Changing Date and Time is the most obvious change you might need to make to your computer system.
Ms windows is a graphical User Interface (GUI) which heavily depend on the use of a mouse. A mouse is a device connected to a computer through one of ports
Manufacturers of hard disk drives claim Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of millions of hours, which means the hard drives should work for more 100 hundred years. Practically, hard drives fail after a few years or even earlier if they are not handled properly or due to manufacturing defects.
Due to privacy and security concerns, most people wish to delete and files from their computer. Usually this is simple, but at times you can face problems.If you selling your hard disk, you may wish to delete all files . Since most users use their computer while they are logged in as administrator, they should be able to delete any file on their hard drive.
One of the worst problems faced by a computer user, is when a computer with Windows operating system installed on it has a system error and display an error message "Illegal operation" on a blue screen, and the computer has to be restarted to prevent damage to the computer