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Connecting 2 computers is convenient for transferring files, making backups of data, sharing resources like a printers and CD or DVD Writers. Multi-user games can be played over networked computers and a single internet connection can be shared between the computers
Many of the common computer problems like the blue screen or slow computer are due to defective computer memory - Random Access Memory (RAM). Some of the problems can be fixed yourself but in a few cases you may have to either replace or upgrade the memory.
A hard disk drive (HDD) failure or error is the worst problem a computer user can face, especially when the HDD contains a lot of important information and there is no data backup available.
Working with a hanging / freezing / slow start computer can be time consuming as programs or applications take a long time to start(loading). This problem is more pronounced in computers which have been used for 6 or more months.
Learning How to Fix / Detect / Remove Spyware problem is important since often there may be no sign that a computer has been infected by spyware, until the user realizes that important financial or personal information is stolen. It is often difficult to distinguish whether there is a virus problem or it is caused by spyware. Unlike viruses, spyware does not self replicate.
Keyboards form an important part of the user interface and a keyboard problem can be very annoying. Some of the common keyboard problems are...
Innovative developers have come up with a solution known as VPN (Virtual Private Servers).
How to Convert AVI to iPod Video Format With the Cucusoft iPod Converter Suite.