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"Our greatest victories are won not over circumstances or other people but over ourselves." -Doug Grady
In you lifetime, you will get to a point where your gift brings you before kings and people of major influence in society. You may not enter the real palace but for the sake of this document, I will look at etiquette considerations when you are meeting someone significant e.g. your mentor, minister, chief etc. The principles I share with you today apply to the real palace when you meet a real king or when you meet an authority figure.
Children of any age excel and perform beautifully when they feel loved and confident about life and themselves. When they are belittled, ridiculed or chastised for whatever reason that level of confidence will be blown out of the water, affecting their personality and how they perform socially.
No one wants to look for trouble but when crisis does arrive, the only person qualified to beat them is YOU. Here are eight simple and effective ways to beat the crisis. Try them.
Do you panic when you know you have to go to a party? Does giving a speech or presentation leaves you breathless and worried? Do you assume people will not like you or even worse, completely ignore your presence?
I know right now some of the thoughts going through your mind while reading this are something along the lines of a super big NO! Maybe your thinking why would I want to make it a point of getting rejected? Probably your thinking, No of course I don't have the intention to get rejected that's just something that happened to me. Well is your brain set up so that you get rejected?
If you have something to say, then why not consider a career in public speaking, either part or full time?
Would you like to give your children self confidence? How about teaching them skills to make them valuable in the world of work? What about helping them to assume personal responsibility?
Encouraging words are extremely powerful. When you encourage somebody, you are giving them a gift of courage. It compels them to move forward, to achieve more in life than just the bare minimum. Knowing that somebody wants you to succeed, and tells you so, can give you the courage and the confidence to truly do so.
Making Friends - Be the Kind of Friend You Would Like to Have. Is friendship important? Do you feel or think that others don't want to be your friend? Do you label yourself as "shy" or a "loner"? If you could look in a catalog to find the kind of friend you would like, what would you look for? How many of those characteristics do you share with others?