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Does every Indian want to become Anna? Was Anna Hazare's 13-day-fast success the success of the Gandhian ideology? What has Team-Anna been fighting for? What is the Self-Purification Movement?
What was the most important factor in the 13 day Anna-led anti-corruption movement that made it a success? Read the article to find out.
Is the Bofors-Ghotaalaa – the grandmother of all scams? Read the article to find out…!
Politics, incompetence, child abuse, corruption.
When it comes to governing this violent, fractious Afghanistan, everything, it seems, has its price. Want to be a provincial police chief? It will cost you $100,000.
The state of Politics in Pakistan is threatening to the international community. The greatest challenge is security, but the greater issue in creating greater security is corruption. Corruption by these Politicians in Pakistan only fuels terrorism. These politicians needs to be smart businessmen, if they want to be a businessmen. A smart businessman improves the quality of their product.